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I know I have often written on how to better you life; remember, yes, of course you health comes first, but do not forget about what else is important, family, friends, education, career and how you see yourself in the future,Fulfill some of those dreams when possible. Take some of those risks.
You still have a life to fulfill; spend it in the best way you can with joy in your heart, fo having the chance. Family is important to most of us; Don't deny yourself of them and special occaisions; thinking you are too much of a bother; make preparations for your own needs, food and such, but make enough for all; that way you will include them, and you will be surpriced how easily they except you and remember that the love that they have for you, is because of you and not your illness.
Don't hold guilt or shame in your heart, It will slow you down, hold you back, and destroy good relationships you may have. And I bet these people are all willing to talk about your illness too, and maybe offer suggestions, If you open up and let them in. They are more real to you than anyone you may meet on the internet. And they are glad to be there for you, too, just like us. So think "Outside of The Box, and not only use the tools you find with the community on this site, but use the tools you have learned with the people who matter in your life relationships, and continue on with your future plans that you probably have thought about missing out of, because of this illness, But it is you that holds you back, not your illness.

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Amen! I gotcha..

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You're right you have to think outside the box when it comes to Family, Church, Work, or any other functions that you are invited to. This is one thing I learned from the very start, we had graduation celebrations to go to that very day, and the next also. People would ask why I wasn't taking cake and when we said, they would ask questions or give advice because either they knew someone with diabetes. Our first big holiday that we went to we made sure we took something for the whole bunch that I could have for dessert.

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