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There are tons of sources for vitamins and tons of information about them. Anyone know of a reliable unbias source of info? I take and have taken a lot of different vitamins over the years, but a number of them are advertised (in a few languages advertise is similiar to the word "caution" warning" Hummm…) as providing help in the long run. Protecting your heart, kidney, liver, brain, eyes and the list goes on. My Doctor put me on B12, for what I forget, but within a year the blood test came back good and he had me stop it, so it apparently worked. I take magnesium for night leg cramps and I know that works. Cranberry also works for me in the hot months. Acai Berry-no effect.
Garlic & Parsley- supposedly no effect. So what vitamins have you found that really work for you and what ones do you take because you think they are doing you good?
Oh, when I go to the doctor, I take a list of each medication I am taking and a list of each vitamin and/or suppliment I am taking. Also I keep one in my truck, in my wife's van, at work, just in case something happens to me and I am not aware.

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tabby9146 2011-04-13 10:44:14 -0500 Report

I'm glad you brought that up, because I am confused too and not sure what to take. For years, off and on I took a multi-vitamin with iron. I don't take one now, try to eat all the right foods, but I don't think a multi can hurt, all this talk about everyone needs more of the antioxidant vitamins, this and that, it is hard to know in what amounts. Of course, The Doctors and Dr. Oz believe strongly in them.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-04-15 13:54:53 -0500 Report

I know most physicians seem to recommend some iron for women because of the amount they lose each month, The antioxidant stuff drives me nuts. Other than respected people toting its benefits, how can you tell if it is helping? I guess I figure it does not hurt, but the lack of proof makes me be less committed to partaking.

jayabee52 2011-04-15 14:06:20 -0500 Report

Me? I don't wanna put anything in my body that's not proven to do me good. Those suppliments are expensive and sometimes I wonder if they're doing me any good and worry they might have side effects.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-04-15 14:12:30 -0500 Report

Yeah, I would like to have proof too. But the antioxidants and many others are long term stuff. I do take a vitamin C, like Nova, and I think I am sick less.

Nova69 2011-04-13 08:53:16 -0500 Report

Hi, I been taking Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and an iron-free multi each evening for the last 18 years. I can't prove they help, but I've only had 2 sick days in those 18 years and that was because I had an inner-ear problem and felt too dizzy to drive. At this point, I'm not going to mess with success.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-04-15 13:51:51 -0500 Report

Hi Nova—-somewhere in these posts I think Cheryl713 (? name) said that she has taken an onion, red, I think, cut it up a bit, warmed it in the microwave, and put it on the ear covered with a paper towel and it worked. Don't worry if you can't find the post C posts regularly and I am sure she would provide correction if needed, like maybe you have to shove it up your nose to heal your ear. I have been around too long not to give off beat remedies their day in court. I have used too many that "I know this won't work", and the blasted things did!
Here is one that I know works: My brother in law had a bunch of wart and other things on his hands and feet, and a foot smell that would drop an elephant. A nutritionist recommended 4 tablespoons a day of liquid cod liver oil to help him fight some mild depression. To this day I don't know if it helped his depression, but I know within 4-6 weeks his hands and feet completely cleared up. He switched to the capsules and they did not work as well.

jayabee52 2011-04-12 16:52:37 -0500 Report

If you want something unbiased on vitamins Jim, Good luck!

One would think the fed. govt. would be relatively free from Bias. (at least not biased by monetary interests)

Here's a search result from "Vitamins" from "MedlinePlus" A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, NIH, National Institutes of Health.

It is a general article about vitamins and has links throughout the page which take you to other pages with information on vitamins.

Me? I take vitamin D3, and also ALA (to try to reduce my neuropathy pain).

Excellent topic Jim!



Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-04-15 13:42:11 -0500 Report

You know, it seems like someone with more wisdom than me, would provide a list of all the vitamins and supplements that are available, and list what they are suppose to be good for. The hard part would be the next section. there are a few that I know work FOR ME, and a few I don't know if they do or not. The section would be entitled, "These are the ones that studies have shown to be effective" "These are ones that XXX # of people say it worked for them and "These are the ones that we are pretty sure are hogwash" I will be trying the multi-betic mentioned in one of these post, since my problem is too high BS. I know alcohol will drop my BS very fast and by up to 100 points within an hour!
I just would prefer not to start down that path, because that drop was just with 1/4 of a cup of straight vodka. I will give that link a try within the next few weeks. We are pretty busy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas again. I am glad when my questions bring so high a response and provide so much education, gut feelings and input from so many sources.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-04-12 13:38:07 -0500 Report

There is so much information available. I guess I am becoming less gullible or less trusting as I get older. If a company says "this product will do XXX and it is great"
Well, they are trying to sell product. Are they going to say "This product is Great. If you take 1 of these pills with every meal we promise you will lose zero pounds or more in 30 days or your money back" I find it tough to find independent, 3rd, 4th, or 5th party recommendation. Someone that does not benefit at all from whether or not a product sells. I forgot about fish oil. I have found that that helps. My brother in law started taking liquid cod liver oil for mild depression. Did it help? I don't know about the depression, but he had had multiple warts and other growths on his hands and feet (and a horrendous foot smell) and within a month of taking 4 tablespoons a day (ugh!) all of those issues vanished completely. He told his chiropractor/nutritionist about it, the one that suggested he try it for depression. He was amazed, but saw the results for himself. Over 30 years my BIL put up with these conditions. Thanks for your response and input!

RAYT721 2011-04-12 13:08:42 -0500 Report

Howdy Jim … thanks for starting the discussion! This has been a pretty big focus for me recently with reading a number of books on nutrition, vitamins, minerals, supplements, etc so I am looking forward to tracking the responses that you receive.

I also have a list of my medications and vitamins for medical care professionals. Great suggestion for us all.

I take a multivitamin, calcium, fish oil, and cinnamon. I don't know if any of it is working or not, but I certainly won't stop them to find out that they were. As important as supplements may or may not be, my focus right now is more on getting the necessary amounts from food rather than supplements so I am on a quest for healthier eating. This means to get calcium from dairy, fish oil from fish, etc.

I recently heard about the benefits of parsley. Thank you for sharing the information and looking forward to hearing from others on what is and isn't working. You're very right … there is a lot of information out there to comb through.

Knowledge is power!

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