Where Is Our Voice??? I Can Use Mine When I Need To!

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How do we fight for the rights?
Who do we contact when we want to do more than just talk about the cost of medice, doctors, and supplies. Who do we writ to? If I can get enough support behind me, I will go out and campaign for aid; for financial, medical and homeless. I can not believe that our COUNTRY, THE GREAT U.S.A., so, free, from everything but debt,because we give it to all the other countries that continue to destroy us and squander our money that was given to help them. I am tired of it, What about the people right here, the people the other countries think that we are so rich? The bigger truth is we are poor and they are rich, living off our money, our taxes, making our debts. So, if I can get people behind me to put your names on a form that I can print out, and mail to(as well as email to all of our senators and governors, presidential campaigners, and anyone else I can think of that is possible, the newspapers,for instance) all the so-called hire-ups with our needs, both financially and medically, and our homeless, of course: Action speaks louder than words, and it is time to act, if you want to sign on send me an email, and when I set up a web site specifically for that use, I will re-direct you with the progress. My email address is lilmarm52@yahoo.com small and as the subject; put in, I have a voice. thankyou

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