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I recently got the Dexcom device for 24hr blood sugar monitoring. Does anyone use it? I put it in my stomach a few times but it was really uncomfortable. I've been using my leg, which is working out well comfort wise but not so much with accuracy. I've only used my stomach twice but the last few times in the leg, the numbers on the dexcom have been quite a ways off from the actual blood sugar. A few times, it was over 100 pts off. I know it's main purpose is to monitor blood sugar trends but I feel like if it's telling me my glucose is staying at 100 and it's actually 160, it's not working right. Any opinions, advise?

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RyanWBrown 2011-04-09 17:50:16 -0500 Report

I have been using Dexcom CGM for a few months now and made the mistake of putting the sensor right on my stomach the first time. It read BGs great but it hurt and was Always in the way. Now I put it on my stomach but Way over to the side. It still reads great but helps not ever get in the way and doesn't hurt at all.

AllisonK87 2011-04-09 10:29:23 -0500 Report

I was told by my doctor that you should only put the sensors in your abdomen and that they do not work as well on other parts of your body. I just got my Dexcom CGM 2 weeks ago and i am loving it. i have noticed a few times the numbers being off but then i just put the blood sugar i tested into it and it recalibrates its self. If you are having trouble i would discuss it with your doctor and maybe they can figure out a way to make it more comfortable and figure out why your numbers are off.

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