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Jim Edwards
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Okay, I confess. Whenever I see diabetic recipes I cringe. I thought they would have products like fihkle and ghotlen, only available in some small town in Texas with no website. You had to pick them up in person. Not so with these. We did the first, Chicken & broccoli. Very tasty. We topped it with dill which stood out on the chicken, matched the broccoli, and added more flavor. What I REALLY like is that, so far they are complete on one page, ready for the 3 hole punch and put into a binder. Plenty of room to write your comments and variations on the paper. So, what one(s) do you like?
I know I want to work on a granola recipe for breakfast, that has a good balance of fiber, carbs, taste, and low in sugar.

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RAYT721 2011-04-08 21:58:23 -0500 Report

I have posted and tried various recipes here on Diabetic Connect. I find it a great resource …

I'll keep my eyes out for a healthy granola recipe for you.

There are so many parts of this website that I enjoy as much as the discussions but I have to say the "private message" area is my favorite. It's where I connect one-on-one with some fantastic people who share common interests and even uncommon ones.

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