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I have notice a big difference in my husband since he started this healthier way of living as well as taking better control of his diabetes. Not just for himself but for his family, as well.It looks like to me (with everyone's encouragement) he is taking more pride in himself. He looks much healthier, since he already lost 15 pounds, he seems to be happier, and that makes myself, his wife, and our relationship better, as well as the kids and relatives because they love him and want to keep him around.
What is more important is he appears to have more self-respect for himself and the way he looks, and is more determined because of that to stick to his diet. He is a great looking guy, and I love him no matter what; he is that outdoorsy type, I love. But, he never thought he was goodlooking, or (like myself) he always thought he was fat (I had severe anorexic issues which he could never understand)and I could never understand why he always thought he was fat, but, it is nice to know that we are both gaining a little more self-respect out of this whole experience.
And for this, we are both grateful; the more you help yourself, they better you will feel about yourself, and if you can follow a rigid diet, and exercise program and take your meds, and try to stick to it for a full month and, hopefully (of cours if your meds are working for you) then maybe you will feel that self-respect creeping up on you too. Joining this web site and community was already you first step towards the better you.

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junior dudley
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I agree with you. My husband has diabetes, several stents, open heart surgery, pacemaker with defibalator, stroke, sleep disorder, & on a diet. Through training & eating well, with exercise, we are lucky and LOVE God, life, home & country. This is a great site for keeping all of us informed. No one has to be alone. Please keep up the discussions. Gerri