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Danny's Big Sister
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Hi, I'm writing on behalf of my brother, an adult with diabetes. I know that he would strongly benefit from some peer support similar to that of Alcoholics Anonymous. Specifically, it would be awesome if someone could call him (or email) the six times per day he is supposed to be checking his numbers and hold him accountable for doing it. He needs to be able to communicate with someone who can support him even if he is honest about making poor food choices. Can anyone tell me if such a program exists? Can this site help?
Thank you.

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Erin P
Erin P 2011-04-12 19:05:12 -0500 Report

Yes! I think this site has been wonderful. I think u should encourage him to join. We are not critical because we are all going through the same thing. I'm not the best eater either. I signed up a year ago and completely forgot about, but I get on here everyday just like facebook. It's AWESOME!

Harlen 2011-04-08 08:57:28 -0500 Report

it's up to him you can let him know what and were we are but only he can ask for help if you push to hard he will not come here at all I know I am a man too lol I am that way lol lol
Your such a good sister
Best wishes

GabbyPA 2011-04-08 06:03:34 -0500 Report

Hello Danny's Big Sister,

We are glad you found us here at Diabetic Connect. I am sure you will find a ton of great ideas for you and your brother.

This is a rough battle you are facing because only Danny can make that step. You can find him outlets, but he has to be willing to do things for himself.

I would start by calling your local hospital and ask them if there are any classes or support groups that they are aware of. Usually that is the best place to start. A class might be easier to start with to give him some tools to use. Then that one on one face to face of a support group would be great. If there is not one, perhaps find a way to start one.

Then I would also encourage him to hang out here with us. Obviously, we are not the same as personal contact, but there are a lot of great folks here that are willing to help in any way they can. Maybe even someone from here is in your area. You never know. But if he is here he will get a lot of encouragement and support. The funny thing about it is that it often creates a "self accountability" and he may start doing those things on his own.

It is all new to him and he will be overwhelmed at first. Curiosity will help him test often, but it can give way to frustration. So as his big sister, be the one who loves him and supports him in all good ways. Try not to hound or be in his face too much. Go and learn with him so you can be a partner for him, not a nag. The latter will not work for most people. it is a hard thing because there are so many things that will need to be adjusted. Patience is your best tool.