Who all keeps their testing and everything in a journal?

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Started 2011-04-07 14:16:18 -0500

I would like to find out who all tests and writes down everything they eat and trink and their test numbers in a log.. What is ithe best thing you learned from this?

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MewElla 2011-05-17 13:21:53 -0500 Report

I have kept a log since day one of diagnosis. When I write all numbers down and the food I ate, and the amount of steps I walk each day, my Dr and I can quickly tell when I made the wrong choices, when my wt was holding still, and when I was feeling sick or stressed…My bg#'s are all there and it makes me accountable to MYself…it's up to me. It works for me bigtime…

GabbyPA 2011-05-17 13:24:12 -0500 Report

My thing is that I get so complicated and it takes up so much space. One day is on a sheet and sometimes it's a squeeze to do that. I have notebooks from my months of journals. They do tell you everything and that is why I know they won't lie.

GabbyPA 2011-05-17 12:51:56 -0500 Report

Ok, I used to, and I stopped....but after my visit today with the doc, I am more determined than ever to do it again. I had a great visit. A1c is down to 6.7 and all other numbers improved. But I lost only one lousy pound and I am really wanting to get that rolling again. I know it's from not writing everything down. I ALWAYS do much better when I keep my journal. Why do I get so lazy!!? Dang it!

maggiejay 2011-04-11 18:13:19 -0500 Report

i try to but its realy hard with a busy life style i forget to take the journal with me then when i remember it to late because i've forgotten exactly what i ate wish i could get on track but so far no luck but i keep trying becauseon the days that i do remember my bs seem to be more controled

pkwillhoite 2011-05-17 13:16:41 -0500 Report

That is really good to hear… I really need to start because I want to lose weight and be on no more than half my meds by the end of the year…

Silent as night
Silent as night 2011-04-11 16:56:57 -0500 Report

I used to until I got my meter that records and saves all my numbers before and after meals and how I was feeling at the time. Still working on bringing the numbers under better control. It's hard when doc says no exercising right now until we figure out what is causing your strokes and head pain.

Art Loving
Art Loving 2011-04-11 10:13:46 -0500 Report

I keep a written log of Blood Sugar and also use an online record. I've just started recording all I eat at WebMD where I also log all my exercise and physical actvity. It would honestly appear that I get all my calaries from SNACKS. Honestly dues come slapping in the face. ;-)

Hezb 2011-04-11 00:30:27 -0500 Report

I use Diabass, a computer program from Germany.
I test frequently and keep track of what I eat and also excercise, BP, weight etc.
first it tellls me waht efect various food, excercise etc have. In addition I take a number of reports with me to the doctor. I can also check the reports myself to see where I am at.

Dixiemom 2011-04-10 08:41:08 -0500 Report

I find that I am more careful about what I eat when I write down everything I eat. I keep my food journal on the kitchen table and I put down my BS results and weight also. Now I know from day to day if I'm making progreass or being stagnant .

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-04-10 08:16:08 -0500 Report

This is a great idea. As you complete it, questions might jump out that you may want to ask your doctor at your next appointment. And if you identify any concerns, you can bring it along to use as evidence.

MickyB 2011-04-10 07:36:28 -0500 Report

Yep, I'm one of those who tracks food, BS, BP and Pulse. I also plan a weekly menu because it helps me not buy junk I don't need when I go to the grocery store.

kitcarson 2011-04-10 07:21:14 -0500 Report

i track my numbers if i eat a bad thing than the numbers call me out on it i really try to behave numbers stay pretty steady i think i'am to scared to really cheat bad my eyes worry me alot.82 before breakfest.

gbc43 2011-04-10 06:41:23 -0500 Report

This tells me that I can't write , I waste a lot of paper . Live for the number…
A1c and BS …

Geneva Bodle
Geneva Bodle 2011-04-10 00:20:29 -0500 Report

singingnurse93 here. I have worked odd shifts and the 6p to 6a is one of the hardest to keep track of sugars and taking meds and insulin and even when to eat. When I have a bad lunch I eat mostly salad at night. I would forget if I took my insulin so now I mark my calender.. I made out my own sheet for charting so I could look at it in a glance and know what I ate, BS and what kind of activity or stress I was under. I have been taking insulin for 4 months now and have to keep increasing it. was on 4 other meds but now 2 have been dropped so that is why I report my BS every 2 weeks to Dr to see how much to increase. I keep my 3 ring binder of my records on my bkitchen cabinet by my med container that I have set up for 2 weeks. That helps me to know what I have taken. I take my meds and put in an empty med bottle and put it in my lunch box so I have it to take. This all helps. Exercise is a big help but I am busy that I dont do routine exercise. when hungry and dont want to eat something because oit increase BS I drink a glass of water. I still struggle but it opens up your eyes on what you eat. Stress is a big factor in increase. That is my big problem. I am waiting for God's healing. Keep close eye on your feet and dont go barefooted. Keep feet warm to help circulation and rub them. comfortable shoes and good socks is a must. no nonsense socks I feel is better for me. When my feet hurt at toe area and a little red, I put a bandaid on area to prevent fom having a sore or open area. keep feet up to help with swelling when sitting. The keeping of records is very important. God bless all of you. Geneva

EJMac 2011-04-09 13:34:18 -0500 Report

I also weigh and measure my food because my portion seem to grown quite quickly when I don't. A cup of something easily turns into 1 1/2 cups when I don't measure. Hope some day that won't be necessary'

EJMac 2011-04-09 13:29:07 -0500 Report

I keep track of my BS 4-5 times a day, a journal of what I eat , how much humalog I take, my blood pressure and the amount of exercise. It is kind of a pain, but I stay in better control of the diabetes that way.

deblee50 2011-04-08 21:29:42 -0500 Report

since i have just started this i am checking my levels 2 times a day (before breakfast and before dinner) and writing down the numbers and time i take it and then also check off that i have taken the meds prescribed to me. i am trying to remember to write down what i eat but i don't always remember to do that but i think i will try to start doing that more consistently since i think that will help me watch what i eat. i am amazed at the amount of sugar in foods now that i am really reading the labels. just within the first two weeks i brought my levels down so i know i am on the right track.

Hopieland 2011-04-09 13:34:59 -0500 Report

Hi Deb! It may help you to also ck your #s an hour after your evening meal. This would help you see how your fasting #'s are over time. It would also give you a better look at your B4 breakfast #'s. You ARE on the right track! I like your enthusiasm. Stay with us. Its nice having you here.

roshy 2011-04-08 12:29:07 -0500 Report

i did at the request of my diatition and pump nurse specialist!! i was asked to testin the morning, lunch time and dinner and night!! and a 2 hour test after meals!! and a 3 am test at night! then record all my food and carb intake!! then snacks and exercise and insulin intake!!!

but on a regular basis i record my 4 daly readings along with my insulin and any illnesses i might be having that week!! i just do that out of habit and its something to show the big man in the office!!

kimod1013 2011-04-08 11:23:49 -0500 Report

I've only been doing by BS Log. It has a comments blank that I put info in that may pertain, I have not been journaling my food.
I really should do that. Thanks for your discussion!

big momma 10
big momma 10 2011-04-08 10:57:47 -0500 Report

I only keep up with my number, Learn which food I eat actually send your blood sugar up the quickes

Hopieland 2011-04-09 13:37:24 -0500 Report

Me, too, Momma. I eat pretty much the same foods and they're working for me. I know which one spike my #'s and eat them only on very rare occasions and in very small portions. Love your comments!

jeffrey9127 2011-04-08 09:05:56 -0500 Report

I keep a journal of what I eat, drink, and my before breakfast, and after dinner BS readings. It has helped me to realize what I can and cannot eat. I have also shown my Dr. my test results when I go in for Office visits. In fact, one time I told him that my oral meds may need to be increased because the morning BS numbers were high. At first he did not agree with me until he reviewed my records. He conceded that an increase in my oral meds would help me get the morning BS number down. With out written records to back up my opinion, I don't know if he would have increased my medication.

It is extra work, and can be time consuming, but my last A1C was 5.8. If I had not been taking the steps to keep track of my diet and BS readings, I don't think my A1C reading would have been that good.

Keeping a log for myself helps promote better health, and a feeling of well being because I am being proactive with my Diabetic care. For me, that is one of the best things that I know I can do, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know how the food they eat affects them.

mrchefw 2011-04-08 08:37:13 -0500 Report

I have triedto do a journal, but hanging on to the stupid thing is so inconvienient.

GabbyPA 2011-04-09 06:12:19 -0500 Report

What I had to do was find a place at the dinner table to do mine. I kept my journal, my food book and pen right there. I tried to plan it out before I ate. Sheesh...I am convicting myself here. I really have to start again. It's hard at first, but once you get going it gets to be fun to see how you can improve and what works. Sometimes it surprises you.

eristar 2011-04-08 08:32:18 -0500 Report

I keep diary of my bg# (three times a day) and make a note of possible reasons why I might show a spike on a given day, things like pain, stressors, etc. However, I do not keep of journal of the things I have eaten - might be a good thing for me to start.

DonHenault 2011-04-08 08:22:10 -0500 Report

I keep a journal of all my tests and food that I have eaten, and the amount of exercise that I have done for the day. I keep this on my computer so when I go the doctor in creates a report with all of my testing on a graph. So when I go doctor he can review the graph, if review what I was doing on the day there was spike. I also helps me to see what different foods do to my me.

pixsidust 2011-04-08 07:47:43 -0500 Report

I am new and kept track my first two weeks. Since then my BG is never above 120 and is usually 90-106 the higher being after I eat. I figured if I was totally wacky that recording sugars would be important to get control. I estimate my calories as my day goes but really should buckle down on that. If I am off base anyone please tell me

pkwillhoite 2011-04-08 11:55:41 -0500 Report

I think that is really good!! It inspries me to do it and thats why I brought up the topic!! Thank you very much!!1

greeneyedghost 2011-04-08 06:35:45 -0500 Report

It is definitely a hard task to keep up with all the time. Especially when pushed for time working, being a mom, running a household etc.. but this is what i do… I jot down what Ive eaten and I have a book that helps me with the specifics that I buy to help me count the calories, carbs, sugars, sodium, alll of anything in these products… and for my blood sugars, I keep them in memory for a few days or more and then sit down to write them down a night i get available without so much going on.. usually on a wkd night cuz im home and my girls are with their dad.

As far as what Ive learned… wowwwww.. I always did good on the calories and sometimes the fats, very good on the other things like carbs sugars etc… but I get so confused still as to which is better.. u look at things that say % less fat, but then it has higher carbs or sugars than the regular of that same product… what do i do????????

thanks for posting this.. very big help… Have a great day.


northerngal 2011-04-08 10:48:12 -0500 Report

Many "healthy" foods do have more carbs, but the whole wheat breads, oatmeal etc tend to absorb slower and therefore don't spike the bs as bad. I get tired of chicken and turkey for protein sometimes, but I love super chunky peanut butter which is a good source. Usually the MD needs good records when you are first diagnosed to determine the right insulin dose. Before I went on the pump, I had to do that again. Its worked out great. They also download the readings from my meter whenever I have an appointment. I've always kept records of the readings, because it determines the dose, so I have years of records in a stack of little logbooks. Most meter companies will send them to you at no cost, also most internal medicine MD's or endocrinologists have some. When you look back at them, its sometimes surprising what a few minor tweaks can do!

greeneyedghost 2011-04-08 13:01:50 -0500 Report

Thank you for the info… I am not newly diagnosed or on insulin, but i understand what ur saying, my sister is on a pump and is type 1… oddly me and my mother are type2… anyhow… I have tons of records as well in logbooks, but have started keeping like a journal with more info than b4. I agree it does help to look back and decide what u should do to change anything. I also still though get confused on what … well my mind just went blank… i think it was simple carbs and complex carbs????????

BandonBob 2011-04-08 11:02:20 -0500 Report

I have everything connected with diabetes recorded in a spreadsheet on my computer. I started the spreadsheet on a program for the Tandy Color Computer back when I was diagnosed 22 years ago and I have transferred all the records each time I have upgraded. I can tell you the BG, BP, what I ate, what I did for exercise, how I felt and even what the weather was any day for the last 22 years. It answers most questions because I rarely run into something I haven't had happen before. I am always happy to find another fanatic like myself. Good work.

Bunny Cakes
Bunny Cakes 2011-04-08 08:38:04 -0500 Report

I think the choice to go for more fat or more sugar depend on your personal choice, what you're eating and how your body works.

I tried to always grab the low fat stuff at first but I find my body is much more sensitive to the extra carbs they stick in those things to now I grab regular and eat just a little so I'm still cutting fat too.

And on days where I'm worried I over did it on the fat I try to finds a way to sneak in some more fiber to help clear away any cholesterol it might try to leave behind. I've got a secret stash of fiber one and fiber plus treats for days like that.

Pynetree 2011-04-07 20:48:38 -0500 Report

I started journaling years ago when I figured out I needed to get serious about this diabetes. First 5- 6 years I bought $$ DayTimer Diabetes set..12 monthly notebooks, 2 dated pages per day, and a plastic storage box. Now they have stopped making the diabetic set, but their regular calendar date/time set is similiar. But, I just bought 4 small blank notebooks. Each book has enough pages to hold three months. Now I just use one page per day. I write down what my morning BG was, how much sleep I got, then note everything I ate, how I feel, if I exercised, etc. It really does keep me accountable. I can spot triggers to highs,or lows. My Endocrinologist sometimes says, "What was going on here…BG was bit high for a few days?" I can check my notes and see that I was sick, or some other stress, or we had a birthday cake in the house!

greeneyedghost 2011-04-08 06:39:52 -0500 Report

I make notes like that as well… it does help when my doc or i or both can see why i may have had some high days or low days… like for the past 4 weeks ive been dealing with severe reactions to meds, sun???not sure on that one yet… but Ive had to take a lot of steroids… and if u have been diabetic long enough and had to take them.. u know they are a dooooooozy on ur sugars!! So that there is one of the biggest notes on this months notes. Thats cool that someone else does that tooo. It does show u what you've done or not done and how life itself can affect ur BG's.


GabbyPA 2011-04-08 05:49:54 -0500 Report

This is great and very through. That is what I need to get back into doing. It helps me so much and I also add calories in there as I was working based on what my nutritionist suggested. I have gotten away from it and I know it helps. I just get lazy about it. How did you keep it up for so long? I did it for about two years.

Pynetree 2011-04-08 11:04:09 -0500 Report

ha-ha, I just got in the habit…said I was going to stop this year…but caved, and keep on jotting! I also jot calories..roughly…it helps me stay on track.
I might be a bit OCD…can't make myself throw out old ones…LOL!…got them all boxed in dated order…WHY? Just junk my kids will have to toss when I stop writting!

GabbyPA 2011-04-09 06:09:28 -0500 Report

LOL that is how I felt when I was doing it. OCD is my friend. LOL. I have folders and spiral note books in my file cabinet I had to move out to make room for real stuff. But I really do have to get back into it. I feel in more control because I am not guessing and then when I see it in black and white...YIKES. I can see how astray I get. Just like measuring my portions. I have to go back and do that every once in a while to keep a true eye on things.

Pynetree 2011-04-09 06:57:07 -0500 Report

Yes, get back into journaling. It is one of the good, healthy habits. And I too have just started to measure out again…get real lax and portions seem to spiral up…never down! LOL…wonder why!

Armourer 2011-04-07 20:28:20 -0500 Report

I did when I was seeing an DE, but since I eat nearly the same thing every day I don't at this time. But it is helpful to see how to do portions and how fast the calories amount to.

Bunny Cakes
Bunny Cakes 2011-04-07 18:29:34 -0500 Report

I keep a journal, I think it's helping a lot and making me accountable for what I eat.

I write it up each day and make slots for each thing I'm tracking like so:

-Meds taken that day: This includes everyday meds and anything else I might randomly take like aspirin or cold meds.

-Blood sugar for each time I test along with the time of day I tested.

-Breakfast, lunch and dinner meals

-Any snacks

-Any drinks

-How I felt for the day, things I've done differently and notes to myself.


This way I can go back and look at how things are affecting me, like today I noticed a pattern of when I sleep in my fasting number is way too high so I'll not be doing that anymore unless I'm really feeling sick.

I also keep my testing numbers in the little book that came with my meter to make it easier for the doctor to see. Though I take both books with me when I go just in case there is something else I need to show him.

I also keep a notebook of questions I need to ask the doctor and the answers he gives me and general notes I want to be sure to remember later. Diabetes has me keeping notes and tabs just like high school.

glee9349 2011-04-07 18:24:06 -0500 Report

I mess up once in a while but i try to keep everything written down. It helps me to see if i need to change my diet a little or if im on track.

Harlen 2011-04-07 17:50:04 -0500 Report

I do and I need it
Best wishes

pkwillhoite 2011-04-07 17:52:48 -0500 Report

I would really like some ideas of how to for it in a notebook or a binder or a program on the computer. If you have any tips for this I would like to see them…
Thank you in advance…

Harlen 2011-04-07 18:05:39 -0500 Report

I just rite down what my BS is first thing in the AM ,If I needed to ajust for a slight high I rite that down too
then what I am going to eat and what I am using to cover for the carbs ,then two hr later I rite down what my BS is and if I need to ajust my insulin I will rite that down .The better I get the carb count the better my bs is
I even test before bead .
If I have a snack I rite it down this is what helped me get to know what my insulin to carb ratio was .
I never know just how much I was eating till I started to keep a log
For me I rite it down on paqper rather then ipan or phone its a lot faster for me
Hope this helps
Best wishes

Erin P
Erin P 2011-04-07 16:42:43 -0500 Report

I keep a notebook of what I eat. I have a journal that I don't write in everyday. I keep my sugars and insulin dosages in my glucose buddy I downloaded to my iPhone.

denatrout1974 2011-04-07 14:25:54 -0500 Report

i keep track of there things becouse it helps me know how food and etc affect my gb,also keeping track of my food jurnal makes me accountable for hat i eat and exresize better than not doing it.it keeps me stable.

MewElla 2011-04-07 14:22:01 -0500 Report

I have kept a food, drink, weight, bg testing #'s since I was first diagnosed on Feb. 2010. I and my Dr go over my logs each dr appt, and we can quickly see how my bg"s are affected by the above items, as well as stress or not feeling good. If I see a pattern, I can quickly work on lowering the bg#'s with more exercise or tweaking the types of food I am eating. It also makes me very accountable to myself in trying to stay healthy. I am diet/exercise controlled, no medications ever since diagnosis.

pkwillhoite 2011-04-07 15:01:45 -0500 Report

Thats really good!! I am gonna start now I just wanted to see how many people did log in everything. I do my meds and my bs #'s but nothing else. Thank you!!!