HbA1c tpe ones!!!! whats yours??

By roshy Latest Reply 2011-04-11 09:56:16 -0500
Started 2011-04-07 08:47:36 -0500

I was just wondering if you are a type one what is your Hba1c in general!! do you get regular check ups

Ive been a type 1 now for 7 years and mine has ranged from extremely high 14.3 to 10 11 9 etc!! at the moment im doing the best ive done in ages ! im currently 8.4 and although its still high i feel like finially its going in the right direction!!
Diabetes esp type one can be a seen as a full time job or an never ending chore but for the type ones who have their a1c in check do you feel like you reaallly work hard at it and how are your numbers??

Thanks for filling me in!!

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wrmjw1 2011-04-11 09:56:16 -0500 Report

My H1ac was 6 at my last check up. I started with a 12.5 when I was first diagnosed. Being a type 1 diabetic is a full time job, some days I have my blood sugar in check, but other days it fluctuates without any warning. i dont know if its my depression medication or something else but it just goes from high to low.

Auntie Jackie
Auntie Jackie 2011-04-08 23:59:33 -0500 Report

I have struggled with my A1C for years, however I just got my numbers back from my Endo, down to 7.5 from as high as 10.0. Roshy if you don't already have a endo Dr or diabetic educator you should try to see one, if really has helped my manage my numbers. Take Care and good luck to you.

Type1Lou 2011-04-08 19:13:29 -0500 Report

I've been type 1 for 35 years. Right now, my HbA1c is 7.1. It's been over 7 for the last year with the highest at 7.5 6 months ago. Prior to that it was in the 6's and 6 years ago, I got it as low as 5.9. Right now, I'm working to get it back in the 6's. I'm using Lantus in the am and pre-meal shots of Novolog along with diet (low-carb) and increased exercise. I have an A1C test done every 3 months.
I started seeing an endocrinologist last December and there is discussion about going on the pump…maybe. Still trying to sort things out…always a struggle to stay in balance.

MoeGig 2011-04-07 16:33:48 -0500 Report

6.8 on last check. In my case, if I try to get lower than that, I start having lows—substantially higher than 7.5, I am concerned about the onset of complications. (Have been Type 1 since 1965 with no complications..yet). I was aiming low until a year ago, but had many times woken up to EMT's at my bedside—not good. The only way I have found to avoid the lows and still be in the high 6's is to simply reduce the carb intake. I take Lantus and Humalog. If I can minimize my requirement of Humalog by minimizing the carbs, I have the best of both worlds IMHO :>).

RyanWBrown 2011-04-07 10:04:16 -0500 Report

2 years ago 14, then 8 three months later, then 5.6, then in the 7-9 range since. Check every three months with your Endo or General Doctor. It's important!

kdroberts 2011-04-07 09:56:54 -0500 Report

It's up and down every 3 months or so, one test its lower, next test it's up. The last couple of years it's been between 5.7 and 6.4, currently 6.1. It's tough, no doubt.

roshy 2011-04-07 13:02:15 -0500 Report

you guys are feckin rock stars!! i didnt realise you could keep it around the 5-6 mark! do you mind me asking what insulin treatment you are currently using and have used in the past and what you find works best??? would you exercise regularly and do you guys smoke or drink alcohol?

With a hba1c of 5.7 or 6.4 you probly have very little diabetic complecations!! fair play guys!!!! ill let you know what im down to next month!!!

Auntie Jackie
Auntie Jackie 2011-04-09 00:02:47 -0500 Report

Roshy, I am on Humalog with meals, and @ night time I use Lantus. I do not smoke or drink.
I have just started a exercise regiment that has helped bring my numbers down.

tabby9146 2011-04-08 20:14:59 -0500 Report

I know for myself, sticking to a good diet (most of the time) and daily exercise has kept me between 5.4 - 5.7

kdroberts 2011-04-07 13:23:24 -0500 Report

I drink, beer mostly but wine and whiskey as well, but I don't smoke. Right now I do lantus and humalog and eat a reduced carb diet and currently rarely exercise. In the past I have been very active but the last year or so it's kind of been on the back burner somewhat. I'm reasonably active in general but I haven't really played any sports or worked out consistently. One thing that has helped me a lot is the humapen luxura. It allows my to inject 1/2 units of humalog and I've found that being able to do that massively reduces the dilemma of choosing to round up or down when injecting and the highs and lows you get when you chose wrong. I have to admit that recently I haven't been the most diligent and if I really tried I could probably get my A1c down to the low 5's. But then again, you have to find your middle ground between being obsessive and spending your whole life managing diabetes and being carefree and enjoying yourself.

roshy 2011-04-07 13:34:12 -0500 Report

sorry for diving for more information!! im coming across as pretty intrusive but would you mind telling me what you would generally eat on a day to day basis!! would you be a strict man of routine and eat the same food day in and day out ??? . . . . . . . . . . . . and how much insulin would you generaly use for each meal and would you measure by your insulin to how much carbs you consume??!!!if im being a a pain in the arse just tell me to take a walk!! im just amazed your able to keep it so low!!

kdroberts 2011-04-07 13:44:51 -0500 Report

I eat similar food during the weekdays and keep carb at each meal to 20-45g or so, lower in the AM than the PM. 1 unit of humalog for 10g of carb does me pretty good. Some food I eat I need to adjust but I only know that because of trial and error. There's nothing really special about what I eat, I just make sure I eat meals that are balanced with carb, fat and protein. Test often until you figure things out and don't be afraid to adjust insulin based on your blood sugar and foods you eat, nothing is set in stone.

roshy 2011-04-07 14:20:49 -0500 Report

yeah your completely right!! its all trial and error really!! so for each meal your takin around 2 to 4 units?? and how much basal insulin would u take??

roshy 2011-04-07 14:25:13 -0500 Report

ur managing pretty fantasticly!! ur like a lil diabetic angel!! have u always been this good?????

northerngal 2011-04-07 09:41:08 -0500 Report

My numbers have always been mid 7's range. The problem is that I've had more than a few lows too. Yes, it can seem like a full time job keeping things in line, but the benefit is that you feel better, have more energy, and will have fewer complications down the road. I was told that my numbers were better than even type 2 readings at that hospital. The speaker has been there 20 years, so she knew what she was talking about. I think you MD would be happy with single digits, but you are getting there. Keep working on it. It becomes second nature after a while. Its just the way you are then. Good luck!