Good News..Bad News...good news... bad news?????

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well lets see… My A1c is Great..5.6.. Blood Presure not good.161/110 was put on Meds… Meds have brought blood pressure in the right range. 132/87 Now a new thing has jumped up my thyroid.. was Ultra Sensitive… I had an uptake scan done on Monday… should get the results on Friday…Does anyone out there in sugarland have Thyroid problems and tell me what I will be looking at now??? The Dr did say that this maybe somthing that has trigger all my fun ( shrug).. I hope all is having a blessed day

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GabbyPA 2011-04-07 20:06:41 -0500 Report

There have even been studies on thyroid issues being a "cause" of diabetes. There seems to be a connection between the two that has yet to be truly connected. I had a low or Hypoactive thyroid for several years before my diabetes diagnosis. It was so little that I didn't take meds for it. Maybe if I had, I would have put off my diabetes longer? I will never know, but I know that many who have diabetes also have issues with thyroids.

Harlen 2011-04-06 18:58:11 -0500 Report

It seems to me that when I got D every thing els whent to the dogs lol
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