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Does anyone with T1 diabetes have any experience with Protandim? It eliminates free radicals and is supposed to prevent a lot of damaging effects to the body … I'm wondering if anyone with diabetes has seen results from this and what kind? I've heard testimonials about Protandim lowering blood sugar in T2, but what kinds of results are being seen in T1 patients, if any?

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Kimmihend 2013-04-22 23:27:11 -0500 Report

My husband and teen daughter both have type 1 diabetes. They have been taking protan dim for about 5 weeks now. The results have been amazing!!!! As most teen, My daughter does not keep her diabetes under control.Her BS averages had been in the 270s for over a year, with an a1c of 10! She is now averaging BS of 170-180. The only thing she has changed is taking protandim every night. I can't wait to see what her next a1c is!

Braskcasky 2013-03-22 18:19:26 -0500 Report

Everything I have heard about protandim and seen has been good the negative stuff I hear is usually from people who don't take it and just have something bad to say about everything and are most likely promoting there own product.

Caroltoo 2012-05-05 03:54:06 -0500 Report

My chiropractor was just talking about it this morning and felt the marketing scheme was unethical. He had been in touch with a company named PURE whose supplements he uses and has recommended. I am presently using their adrenal support compound, ADR. The product they have which also lowers free radicals has gone through clinical testing to establish successful use, is less costly, and doesn't require participation in a pyramid scheme to ensure the lower $40/bottle rate. I have asked him to order some for me also. If you are interested, I can post that information when I secure my first bottle.

Totalhealthexperience 2017-11-01 06:50:51 -0500 Report

It’s funny that your chiropractor would say that because he is the one that is downplaying the greatest researched natural product in history with the most patents and science of any product in history. My chiropractor has over 400 patients on the product and they’re not in the business there just customers and have been for several years now and I have over 3000 patients on it

Braskcasky 2013-03-22 18:26:16 -0500 Report

And there is NOT 1 product that eliminates oxidative stress
and free radicals at the same level as protandim that is not prescribed by a Doctor, remember no hear say or insinuations, Protandim is clinically proven to do what it says it does including increase in glutathion 300% She asked about Protandim because someone obviously told here something good. Go with facts not pref. or recommendations from someone whos only concern is they dont like the way the product is sold.

Braskcasky 2013-03-22 18:16:59 -0500 Report

Unethical? and oddly he promoted a different product as you are? So thats ethical ? Hmmm ? I see different things about Protandim everywhere and NONE of them bad. Every single time someone has had something bad to say its to re enforce another brand and thats not right. And FYI Pyramid Schemes are designs in which money is exchanged and there is not product exchanged their scams, cons.
Protandim is network marketed just like Mary Kay and tons of other products. And the wisest thing to suggest is do your own research go to, literally do your own research because "he say she say" is 99% bologna and for some reason Protandim gets the most horrid reviews from people that DON"T take it and phenomenal reviews from those who do. Funny

jayabee52 2013-03-22 18:32:24 -0500 Report

Carol's chiropracter was promoting the product not Carol. Plus she had not posted the link where we could get it. So that is definitely not promoting it.

I have been involved in several network marketing "business opportunties" and not ONE has been worthwhile to me. Also I noted the products were not as good as they could have been. Plus she did not say "pyramid scheme" that was your word. She said "marketing scheme" which is a perfectly legitimate use of the term.

I take it Brask, that you are selling it yourself? Of course the reviews from those who take Protandim are positive. They are trying to sell it to others themselves. They have a profit motive!

PaulMcInnis 2014-04-21 13:29:27 -0500 Report

Carol most certainly did use the words 'pyramid scheme' when she said the product she recommended did not require participation in a pyramid scheme to ensure the $40/bottle rate. LifeVantage does not require you to be a distributor to get that rate. You must sign up for a monthly autoship to get that rate. Most other MLM products are 'me too' type products. Protandim is a category creating product. No other product does what it has been clinically proven to do. In this case, people are excited about the good news of Protandim, so they are quite eager to share it with anyone who will listen.

Naturally Fit
Naturally Fit 2013-10-23 10:23:46 -0500 Report

Jayabee 52 Bottom line: These are your thoughts and opinion on the product! Do the proper research to prove the product wrong, instead of reacting on the words everyone is saying. You can't argue with the outside institutions (Harvard, Ohio State, VCU, LSU, American Heart Association, Micheal J. Fox's organization and approx. 30 more) that are researching AND finding out all the things Protandim does for people and their love ones. They've prove it over and over again. Do your part in proving them wrong! FYI It is MLM because it sat in Whole Foods & GNC but no one knew what it was. It just sat there because there were not marketing or commercials for it… Let me know what you find! Thanks for your time.

Braskcasky 2013-03-22 18:40:31 -0500 Report

Mmmmm Im indiffrent on that too and its sad that thats the FIRST thing people think is SALE
Hahaha theire more people that use protandim than sale it, So if your asking if I take it YES and I did not say I take it because the assumption that you made without me saying it LOL People can do what they want I just like to voice my truths when I see trends that can manipulate the truth.

Braskcasky 2013-03-22 18:55:05 -0500 Report

Agreed and never when I say truth I mean words like
"pyramid scheme" and unethical, a lot of times people repeat words they hear that are not always used in the right context which makes them "not true" and when I say truth I also mean lab results changing, blood pressure regulating, tangible things that support that products intentions or in this case clinical proof, I say that product cause its not JUST protandim any product.

jayabee52 2013-03-22 18:58:49 -0500 Report

YOU used the words "pyramid scheme" Carol didn't. It seems to me you are trying to tilt the context of the discussion by inserting them. I have to go now for a few hrs but will be back to check on your response in about 6 hrs.

Braskcasky 2013-03-22 19:16:43 -0500 Report

LOL Please Don't worry about it IDK your motive in this debate you initiated nor do I care, re reading your last message just made me realize how ridiculous I am for even entertaining LOL Good luck if you have a legit concern with anything I said message me cause this is not progressive nor even related to the topic.

jayabee52 2013-03-24 00:04:54 -0500 Report

I didn't initiate it. you responded to what caroltoo said which started this particular thread. I know caroltoo well from time we spent online together and so since she is not here I decided to defend her. Plus you sound like a salesman for this product and it bothers me when salesmen use smooth or slick talking points to try to convine people to shell out precious resources to purchase a product which is questionable as to whether it will do as is advertised by those testimonials.

Braskcasky 2013-03-22 19:02:59 -0500 Report

ostly, and doesn't require participation in a pyramid scheme to ensure the

You obv are reading something different than I am, I guess I imagined it, not sure the point in this conversation continuing it seems to be dead end its Friday have a great weekend and keep it positive.

jayabee52 2013-03-24 00:10:50 -0500 Report

You made some assertions and I called you on them. Then you tried to manipulate the conversation into making me the bad guy. It doesn't work that way with me, and I believe folks will read this conversation and come to their own conclusions regarding who is telling the real truth.

SusayY 2011-05-10 22:47:42 -0500 Report

jayabee52 has a perspective, but I'd seriously consider watching Dr McCord describe how Protandim works before you listen to bloggers who have their own agendas. Get first hand information.

Are you aware that Michigan state is finishing a study they are funding on Diabetes and Protandim now? There is another study being finished too, but I don't know who, so I cannot comment.

Look, watch the video on and consider trying it personally to see what it does for you. PM me, I can get you FIRST HAND experience with Diabetics who have tried Protandim., and are NOT distributors. What do you have to lose?

atf113 2012-06-14 11:17:33 -0500 Report

Hey Susay I don't have diabetes but I do have a friend that has T1 diabetes and I'm just a customer who is on Protandim, I told him about the product and we both did some extensive research on Protandim because I would like to see my friend feel better.
Well he ran it by his doctor and the doctor said he didn't think it would help him at all but watching the video on the study of Protandim said it may help.
So I brought him a bottle of Protandim and he agreed to try it he's been on it now for 2 months and LOVE'S it.
You have to understand this man is like my brother to me we were both in the U.S. Marines and seen alot of combat together so I would never hurt my friend and would do anything for him.
He has no problems at all with his T1 diabetes and he doesn't take his meds as much anymore now he told me T1 is diabetes is something your born with. I know everyone is different and the only experience I have with diabetes is my friend but it's working for him.
So all I can say is DO THE RESEARCH on this product for yourself don't listen to the masses what doesn't work for some may work for you.
For more info go to and type in Protandim, that's the site for the U.S. National library of medicine
National Institutes of health

jayabee52 2011-05-10 23:02:37 -0500 Report

Well that's just it, Susay, I really don't have an opinion, except that it is sold using MLM / Network marketing and that raises issues with me. It is either 1) way expensive, 2) of poor quality 3) all of the preceeding.

What is there for Marley to lose? Her money, and possibly the health she does have. And MLM/NM companies point to studies which are in process. Like the Michigan study. It has not yet been completed, so I'd rather wait for the study to finish, and then be peer reviewed before I try something which has been unproven as of yet.

Totalhealthexperience 2017-11-01 06:54:26 -0500 Report

First of all it’s your opinion of network marketing . I don’t find any of those 3 things Remotely accurate 23 different universities have use their own money to study at millions and millions of dollars and just so you know it has the most patents on a natural product that any product has ever had and to get a patent it has to have an unexpected outcome and be safe

atf113 2012-06-14 11:34:40 -0500 Report

Hey jayabee52 Protandim has had alot of studies already completed all you have to do is look online.
As far as Network marketing your right some are bad but this company has a proven product that works , just like anything there are levels in each company just like network marketing.
Look at the bank in N.Y. that lost 2 Billion of their customers money alot of people trusted that bank and if you lived in N.Y. you most likely would of did some type of banking with them directly or indirectly.

jayabee52 2012-06-14 14:49:13 -0500 Report

You sound like a sales person who is here promoting the product. I HAVE looked online and was unable to find anything of substance (that is, not linked to a site promoting the product) for this product.

The bank losing $2 B is just a red herring, trying to confuse folks into thinking you have a valid point. Well I am not "buyin" what your "selling"

4everUrs 2013-11-07 12:03:13 -0600 Report

I actually did a lot of research on this product too. I did not want to recommend something to my dad without hearing all the negative things as well as the positive things. I am a very skeptical person and as I have read; so are you. I would never tell anybody to take medicine that a doctor never prescribed but I am so glad I couldn't find a reason why not to recommend it. Four months later and its been the best idea— I am not a user or this product, nor do I sell this product. I am just someone who did my research and couldn't find a reason not to let my dad know.

SusayY 2011-05-11 08:55:45 -0500 Report

With any retail product, 50% or more of the cost of the product goes to the retail store owner, the store clerk, the store manager, the distributor, and product advertising or sales etc. MLM isn't really that much different, several people get paid to some degree.

I think the key for any product people buy, whether it is MLM, direct sold, or traditional retails is: does the product work? So while the risk of 'losing ones money', is ever present, do people go into a store, look at something and say, geez I don't want to 'lose my money'… no they try it! If it works, great. Protandim isn't any different there isn't a risk beyond maybe the $40 one spends to try it, but if it worked, is it worth it?

There are already 7 peer reviewed and published studies on Protandim, and they all say a variety of things, but one thing in common. Protandim lower's oxidative stress, and if you do the research you'll see that oxidative stress is tied to Diabetics rather directly, so I too wait for the Michigan state study, and while I have the benefit of knowing people who take Protandim and are Diabetic with amazing results, don't take my word for it either… but I will say, its worth looking into.

Honestly that's the risk I think people incur, they listen to a friend who sells Protandim who might be biased, like the retailer for a product one might find. Do the research, and not just from skeptic bloggers who know nothing, check it out in detail, talk first hand with Diabetic on protandim, and then decide for yourself.

In terms of Poor Quality, watch this video:

jayabee52 2012-05-05 05:26:53 -0500 Report

Has that "Michigan study" been completed now?

PLUS I watched the video for a 2nd time just now and note that the video was on a site promoting the product. OF COURSE they're gonna say that it is a quality product. They're not gonna warn one off from the product. And as far as those "skeptic bloggers who know nothing", most of them don't have an agenda other than warning about potential risks of using that particular product. Place that against someone who is an independent representitive who has a very large vested interest in seeing someone fork over their hard earned money for something like this.

jayabee52 2011-04-05 17:52:46 -0500 Report

Howdy Marilee!

Thanks for accepting my friend request.

At first I chose not to answer your discussion as I am t2 and you asked for t1s to answer you. I came back here after awhile and decided to look up protandium.

I found the typical PR sites for the neutraceutical and they are easily found using Google or other search engine.

I have found a site reviewing Protandim from another perspective:

Here's another which is more neutral:

And here's a link from the article immediately above this which may be very useful because it collects all the Protndim information, pro and con, in one place:

Hopefully you can come to a conclusion as to whether you want to pursue this substance and/or the "business opportunity" further.

Blessings to you and yours Marilee!


Marley319 2011-04-06 09:26:27 -0500 Report

Thanks for all the information James! :)

lau2659 2011-08-02 04:52:46 -0500 Report

I haven't seen any postings since your last one in April and I wanted to offer some more information about Protandim and also provide you with a contact number to a doctor who uses Protandim. If you are still interested in learning more please respond to this posting.

SusayY 2011-09-18 15:04:57 -0500 Report

I know a couple doctors now who are giving Protandim to patients. They don't do it as a prescription, but it come highly recommended as a way to reduce oxidative stress, which is connected to Diabetes. I heard that the Michigan state in the US is researching Protandim. Im excited to see what they have to say. PM me if you want more information about this.

atf113 2012-06-14 11:42:23 -0500 Report

Hey Marley319 Protandim is working for my friend with T1 and myself who is not a diabetic BUT do your research and make up your own mind.

nicegal1 2012-02-09 13:41:29 -0600 Report

I'm interested too. I just talked to an old friend who has been greatly helped by it (she has been able to discontinue using 2 of her meds and cut the dose of the 3rd in half) and also her twin niece and nephew have seen great improvements in a very serious disease that was supposed to (according to John Hopkins Med Center) kill them without special blood treatments (which they never received). My daughter is 5 and is Type 1. Please let me know if anyone with Type 1 has tried it for the full 120 days and what their results were.

nicegal1 2012-02-09 13:43:01 -0600 Report

I will also say that $40 a month is way less than many other medications put out by the pharmaceutical companies…especially if it works without side effects.

jayabee52 2012-02-09 22:12:15 -0600 Report

Spoken like a person who has a vested interest in selling the product. $40 per month IS signifigant if the product does little or nothing. I don't like throwing money away and get no benefit for it.

does it actually have no side effects or is this mere hype?

Please read the review of Protandum here~

atf113 2012-06-14 11:56:46 -0500 Report

I have a question for you jayabee52 I see you haven't even tried the product so how do you know it won't work, you keep posting these links up but remember some people will always try to down a product because they 1) Don't know. 2) Don't care. 3) Their just afraid that the product will put them out of business.
I can find a bunch of quack links on P-90X saying it does not work, I can tell ya it does work I'm living proof that it does.
So don't be cheap buy a bottle and try it first before you say anything that you have no idea about.

jayabee52 2012-06-14 15:36:39 -0500 Report

I really don't need to be some one else's science experement, just to line some MLM salesperson's pockets.

You say you're "living proof" well, I'll keep my own counsel, and you don't know what will happen down the line if you develop a toxicity reaction to the ingredients. For one, I don't want to start down that road.

I will admit to being prudent with my money. I have worked too hard too long to get it. "Cheap" is a value judgment and is a "cheap shot" (pun intended).

You can see an improved review of Protandum and those pub med "studies" which suggests protandum may be useful. Read it —- and weep. See it here ~

I like to know what I am taking before I try something which is promoted by some sales organization. You seem to try stuff willy-nilly on the suggestion of some friend or some celebrity spokesperson. I sincerely wish you well, but I cannot follow your example.


nicegal1 2012-03-18 20:00:00 -0500 Report

Actually, I don't sell the product and neither does anyone in my family or my close friends, and I am thinking that I never will so that people can't claim my opinion is biased. But, I decided to stop listening to skeptics who have never used it, or attack it just for it's business model or whatever rumor they heard from so and so who also has never used it, and try it on my almost 6 year old daughter with Type 1 diabetes. I still feel $40 a month for a few months is a very small investment to try something. Seriously, we spend that much on a night out for Pizza every month. Prescription meds are often way more expensive and also, often times, come with negative side effects. So, I took the chance. We just finished the first 30 days of one pill a day, usually given a half in the morning and half at night (they say it should take at least 120 days to see full effects)…results are…she has slightly lower insulin needs: Lantus lowered from 3 to about 2.25 units in the last 2 weeks, and she requires less Humalog at mealtime too, significantly lower at dinner. That said, type 1 diabetes is a very funny disease and can fluctuate on it's own. So, I'm not convinced by the lower insulin numbers alone for this short of a time. But she also has higher energy levels. She used to be exhausted and irritable by about 7:30 every night and now she is more like our other kids and is ready to go to sleep around 9 or so and much of the irritability is gone. So, that's it for now. No miracle cure in the first 30 days, but good signs. No negative side effects either. Hopefully it will continue. This is coming from a person with no agenda.

nicegal1 2012-07-20 17:40:36 -0500 Report

OK, here's the update. We lazily stopped the Protandim while we vacationed and moved across country for a few weeks, but then started on it again in May. So as of now, we have been using Protandim for about 2 months pretty solid(pretty much every day, though we do miss a day now and then). So far we saw her Lantus needs slightly lowered in the beginning again, but then they crept back up. She is at 4 units now. We have sort-of consistently seemed to notice higher night time numbers while she is sleeping. Not sure why that is. Overall, I would say that insulin needs are overall not affected. But, her energy level still seems to be much better with the Protandim than without. She got into that cranky tired slump again while she was off of it. So, is it worth it??? I don't know. We haven't done the full 120 days that is recommended yet. We were crushing the pills and putting it in pudding, which tasted terrible. But then she decided to learn to swallow them whole with water. She did that for a few days, and then had a hard time swallowing the pills. So, we are in a slump taking them again. It's been maybe 3 days since she had it. I'm going to try to get her to continue them again, and I will give another update in the future.

UtahCowboy 2014-09-18 11:14:57 -0500 Report

I think this tracking of comments and the lack of proper grammar is disturbing to me. Just to clarify, it took a year worth of comments to decide jaybee52 (by the way the user you mentioned prior did use "pyramid scheme" in her comments) is going to get research sent to them, yet no comments afterwards. I began taking Protandim in August (2013) after researching for months. I have done quite the extensive research project on its performance and the MLM industry v. LifeVantage as I have never been involved in such a "plot" as I called it. As a finance professional and retired professional football player, I needed to see performance and results. My conclusions were that ALL the following industries are direct sales industries: insurance, personal training companies, MLM, large capital sales, medical device companies, pharma and several others. After discovering this myself, then I researched the compensation plan. That was the easy part since almost all MLM companies are required to publish the information. The results were that LifeVantage has the best compensation in the industry. All the while this was going on, the Protandim went to work in my body, although still very skeptical at that point. My become more regulated (up and down) which featured 5 very interesting results:
1. no more running into walls and doors from concussion symptoms
2. no more sleep apnea issues
3. lower cholesterol by 100 points
4. resting heart rate went from 59 to 45
5. major joint pain was gone

If you knew my history you would understand my pain and issues I had. Along with these results I noticed a better mental acuity and my ADD had subsided. All of these issues are caused by oxidative stress and later in test results later on found these external results to show true internal results as well. Below are several sites I have used to conduct my research:

I found 17 peer reviewed studies, information the NFL now has a lab researching concussions and Protandim, and that Louisville is in their second year of studies on athletes (human trials) and their hypothesis this time: that ALL football players will become stronger, faster and have a better mental way of life. They know the results but are wanting to publish them obviously.

Take care and God bless.

jayabee52 2014-09-18 18:01:13 -0500 Report

I have been trying to get results from the reaearch on Protandium to no avail. None of the studies are yet published (conveniently for the promoters of that product). You say: "I found 17 peer reviewed studies" Well show me the links to those studies! Put up or don't use those studies to promote the product, so folks can see and read and judge for themselves before purchase of the product.

What you do in your report of results is give a testimonial as to the wonderful things it has done for you since you've taken the product. This is ALL we ever get from folks who promote it, and the promise of peer reviewed studies which are not yet available.

You say a strange thing, however: "They know the results but are wanting to publish them obviously." Why not? How did you find out this information? In a sales meeting? (I used to belong to MLMs in my younger days)

And the fact that the sites that you "used to conduct my research" do not take us to the research seems like a deception to me, trying to gain credibility to your "research" but not providing the proof.

Oh BTW sorry your sensibilities were offended by "the lack of proper grammar". That's life in the real world, get used to it!.

UtahCowboy 2014-09-18 18:46:59 -0500 Report

I actually provided the links for you but allow me to provide in detail below this response. I know a coach that was at Louisville last year who told me about the information then contacted someone else now at Louisville. Look for that study in the spring to be completed. BTW, ther are some studies with alcohol and drug dependents the Protandim didn't help as it is comprised of natural ingredients and were flushed from the system (also in the links). Protandim or the other products are not a "fix all". I do agree some that take it or are distributors "pitch" it that way, but it is not intended nor was developed as a "fix all". It is however quite the product.
See below:


That is quite a bit of research to get you going. I have quite a bit more saved so let me know if you want it. Above is are the pro-articles for Protandim and I believe two in which their research didn't show any results from Protandim. Again, it isn't an end all for the world of cures, but what it is proven to do is significantly reduce oxidative stress. Try it for yourself then make your own decisions. Get your blood work done before and then after 3 months. You decide to continue or not. Easy to do and costs you only $120 for 3 months to discover if it's right for you.

Unseenhope 2015-01-02 15:53:31 -0600 Report

I have been researching Protandim and have friends who have also seen great results. In my research I have found the traditional 12 studies, but not the newer ones. Are those on your list? Also, I have heard about NFL and military (Navy SEALS) looking into using Protandim. Do you have any sources of info for the NFL or athletes research into Protandim? Thanks for your help!

jayabee52 2014-09-18 23:16:10 -0500 Report

Thanks Utah for sharing those links. I started reading, but I am gonna have to shut down for the night. I plan to return and read what is in the links.

Until then I remain