Cold Finger tips

By DonHenault Latest Reply 2011-04-05 11:10:42 -0500
Started 2011-04-05 10:25:26 -0500

I am a musician playing guitar. One of the new things that is happening to me. After I have been playing for a while the finger tips on my picking hand (right hand) become ice cold. Why is this and how can I prevent it.


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realsis77 2011-04-05 10:37:59 -0500 Report

Hi. I would discuss this with your doctor because it could be the beginning of a diabetic complacation. Sometimes our circulation is not as it should be. Make sure and keep your numbers under control. High numbers can cause numerous complcations. Hopefully its not diabetic neuropathy (I'm not sure I've spelled that correctly) its a condition where our circulation is not as it should be. Hopefully someone else will explain this better than I'm able too! When our numbers are high. Our blood is not flowing as it should be. A more expirenced person can explain this far better than myself but I'm trying. Perhaps it would be best to speak with your doctor about this possiability.sometimes it can be reversed I believe if we keep our numbers under tight control. I wish I could explain this better but I tried. I wish you the very best! Keep us posted on how your doing! I'm sure you will get some good clear answers here on this site. Hopefully I've been of some help! Good luck and God bless.

DonHenault 2011-04-05 10:50:09 -0500 Report

I had already spoken to my doctor, I actually brought one on my guitars and show him how it happens. He checked my circulation and found it was good, and he didn't think it neuropathy although he has not ruled that out yet. He did do some additional blood work, so I am waiting to see if anything show up there. It's more of a pain than painful.