I am losing control of my blood sugars

By susiemaeemily Latest Reply 2011-04-05 13:22:31 -0500
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I do not know how long this has been going on, because I was just dealing with my A1c and not testing as I should. My A1c was 6.8 in December and has jumped to 7.9 in March. I began to test my morning sugar and it is something like 143 and has jumped to 157. I have been eating less food and sugar but it keeps going up. I am worried.

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susiemaeemily 2011-04-05 13:22:31 -0500 Report

Thank you for your replies and support. Maybe patience for a little while might help—-I just had a little adjustment and this morning I did see a little turn, thank you again and I will keep you posted.

realsis77 2011-04-05 11:35:03 -0500 Report

Hi. Id go see the doctor because you might need to have your medication adjusted! Its on ongoing process and we will need our meds changed a lot as we change. Its best to speak to your doctor as soon as possiable! You and your doc should be able to come up with a better treatment plan for you! Best of luck!

GabbyPA 2011-04-05 08:50:12 -0500 Report

Don't let it worry you, let it push you to investigate what is going on. There could have been some big spikes from stress during the holidays or some extra days of goodies that kind of crept up on you.

Eating less food may not be a good choice unless you feel portion control is an issue for you. Less food makes your body worry about the energy levels and your liver will compensate and dump stored sugar into your system. So make sure your body is confident it will be fed to help reduce that. I'm not saying pig out, but spread your meals out into smaller ones through out the day. I always find my numbers do much better when I nibble through my day.

A little exercise in the evening could help as well. I used to exercise before breakfast but found it raised my levels. I started exercising shortly after dinner and that has helped me considerably.

Did your doctor offer any suggestions after he reviewed your results with you? That could be a good place to start as well and like Alan said, it may just need to be an adjustment in your meds.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-04-05 10:50:14 -0500 Report

You covered almost everything I was thinking Gabby. Just one thing to add. Maybe a small bedtime snack would help. Somepeople need a little protein or carb or both to keep from a spike in the AM. Some use a spoonful of peanut beutter. Others a cracker with cheese. Some people need half a sandwhich.

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