Ganoderma Lucidum & Type 1

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Hi! I just got a call from a friend who was told that the Chinese herb called ganoderma lucidum that comes from a mushroom is supposed to reduce the need for insulin in Type 1 Diabetes. I can't find anything but Type 2 claims online. Has anybody else heard about this or tried this herb? If so what are your thoughts and experiences?

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SongDude 2011-05-30 13:45:26 -0500 Report

I decided to follow this thread, just to see where it would lead. Though I am throughly disgusted with most people who get involved with Am***, MLM (multi-level marketing; read: pyramid scheme), and the like - I still think that we should encourage discussion of herbal remedies, as there is some merit to many of these herbs for health improvement for many people. My wife is a licensed massage therapist, and she also took courses on holistic medicine. Many of the things she showed me in her literature have proof of benefits to many people who suffer from various health problems. However, to offer someone something for free, and then make them pay for anything else they want in the future, is just like what many street drug dealers do… get 'em interested, hooked, and later, they - the users - become paying clientele. I won't even deign to mention the person's screen name on this thread - it would just stir up a hornets' nest, and I think that dietcherry was correct in her response, since she feels the same way I do toward any type of pyramid schemes, like many others. One other person posted a Bible tract here, and, while that may this person's belief system - and, the right to freedom of speech (and religion, or religious beliefs), it should not foisted upon others, like ganoderma lucidum - and its supposed benefits (Luke 6:37). When there is concrete proof that all of us can see, then, the benefits and disadvantages can weighed by all of us together, as a community. I've posted here about the benefits of cannabis, so, maybe I'm just as guilty (though, I'm not selling it through an MLM scheme - LoL) as the party who is pro - ganoderma lucidum. As a community, we all need to agree to disagree on some issues, and written vitriol flying back and forth isn't the way, in my humble opinion, to do this. We have youngsters that post here, so, I've made a few changes in how I express myself, to provide a better example, and a safer experience for the kids who are diabetic like we are. In closing, let's try a little love here, shall we?
I love you all.

blueeyes33 2011-05-30 03:11:24 -0500 Report

My 1st endo did a test on me and told me i was type 2. I had her for a doctor until she left town.(not long)Ten years later.. The 2nd. endo i had did a test on me and said i was type 1. That the test showed i have like 99.8 percent of my pancrease(spelling sorry) is gone.I said "wonderful" he just looked at me with sympathy. As far as the herb goes..I have never heard of it. :)

GanoGirl 2011-05-29 20:55:56 -0500 Report

If any of you would like more info on ganoderma lucidum and diabetes please contact me. I have a testimonial from a dr stating that one of her patients with juvenile diabetes was actually taking ganoderma lucidum and ended up being a type 2 instead, after consuming.You can also go to or If you'd like to see that video go to youtube and search for I believe it's Hugh Benjamin…the beginning of the video is a man that is on a motorcyle…Gano Excel is amazing and I have seen a lot of diabetics using this and it truly is life changing. Please contact me if you would like more info!

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