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I'll have to apologize for not being on here much, but with kids in boyscouts and cubscouts(the younger version of boyscouts) its been hectic this time of year. campouts(which are not good for my diet) selling candybars, and lots of meetings and planning for campouts! I dont think i've mentioned that im a den leader so alot of these functions i have to be present but still im truly sorry i havent been more active. i could have used the moral support this past weekend when they were serving all kinds of non diabetic friendly foods and drinks

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greeneyedghost 2011-04-04 18:14:18 -0500 Report

Howdy there Krystalm, I know the feeling… cept I have a 17 yr old daughter and alllllll that highschool stuff and all the clubs she's in and tennis she plays and practices and on and on and on and now having to already start doing everything to prepare for her senior yr and she starts college and her senior yr in August of this yr. Then,… I have a daughter who's 9 and special needs … and all the time me n her spend together.. which is fun… amazingly fun.. but I understand your issue of not being on here much.. I think I have been here like 5 or less times in months now… cuz also I work from my home and well im sure ur list is like mine… endless.. glad u and I made it here today or yesterday.. lol. I am so with u when it comes to having to attend functions where it is not diabetic friendly.. I think Im gonna start being like those u see on tv shows .. they sneak their own food into the movies,,,, ima gonna sneak some Nicki treats with no guilt in these things soon. Hope you have a good week and that u and i and others can make it here when we can and keep the support going for eachother.. ty all for who have for me on my profile… Im sorry too.. but I think I did say how it'd be less for me since July of 2010…had major back surgery then and again in November and well ya know being a momma, firefighter, cook, maid, fixer upper dandy daisy… oh etc etc LOL. MY FINGERS ARE CHATTY… sheeesh. HI EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT WEEK … NiCkI

RockyMtnGal 2011-04-04 17:53:11 -0500 Report

Oh, don't I hear you about the busy schedule food challenges! I'm active in several groups and always there is cookies, doughnuts, cake, candy!! Guess for now at least it's just for the duration of the meeting not hanging around the house like candy bars.
Hopefully for the campouts at least you'll be chasing the boys around working off some of those extra carbs.
Stay strong and good luck!

jayabee52 2011-04-04 16:59:10 -0500 Report

I know about the scouts! I had 3 sons and had boys in Tiger-cubs, Cub scouts and Boy scouts. Unfortunately no Eagle Scouts. Their mom decided to enroll the 2 older sons in the youth Civil air patrol organization. Not enough time to do all that for Boy Scouts and the CAP.