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I am noticing that a lot of new members are joining us lately and I just want to take a moment to welcome you here. I've been on Diabetic Connect for just a little bit over a year now and have found this to be a warm and welcoming website. I was searching for diabetic support groups online through google when I was first diagnosed because I did not know where to turn with all of the questions that I had and found a home here.

I'm curious… how did YOU hear of us???

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scubagoddess 2012-01-21 22:24:24 -0600 Report

This site is new to me and, honestly, it took abit of searching to find it. Seems like you guys have alot going on here that's positive. I liked finding the recipes on here. That alone has helped, but now I'm being told that I am pre-diabetic. My hubby is type 2. We're both in our 40's. I've made it my mission to learn how to prepare healthy meals for us both. Going to see the nutritionist helped, but actually going into the kitchen and cooking something of interest is a whole other ball game sometimes - so I'm grateful for the recipes. I'm still learning about this site and how to reach out for support. But I'm glad you all are here.

kimod1013 2011-04-23 01:33:09 -0500 Report

Sue-WELCOME! I totally believe it was a GOD thing to find this site too! I am so sorry about your brother passing and about your son's mental anguish. That is alot to deal with on top of just getting diagnoised! Too much at once! Just take one day at a time (and sometimes one hour at a time) and know you are not alone! I'm so glad you got a computer!!! Hope you have a blessed Easter.

sue5050 2011-04-23 01:10:53 -0500 Report

this very moment is the first time i am here. Diagnosed last month. my son tried to kill himself then three days ago my brother died. I am a disaster and found you using my birthday presents, a computer from my new son in law and internet from my caretaking hubby. found you through the ADA. Thank God.

eristar 2011-04-23 07:10:05 -0500 Report

Welcome, indeed, Sue. I am so sorry to hear about your troubles; I think you will find that this is a caring group, and that you can feel free to ask question, investigate, or just vent and we will listen! Hang in there, and remember to take time to take care of yourself - stress can and will raise your numbers - believe me, I know!!! Have a blessed Easter, and please let us know how you are doing!

RAYT721 2011-04-23 03:16:27 -0500 Report

Welcome Sue! So sorry to hear of the recent troubles in your life. If you need a friend, count me in!!! We may not have all of the answers but it's refreshing to have a place to be yourself in because we are here for you in the good and bad times. Come on in… the water's fine!

kimod1013 2011-04-23 01:41:06 -0500 Report

Sue-WELCOME! I totally believe it was a GOD thing to find this site too! I am so sorry about your brother passing and about your son's mental anguish. That is alot to deal with on top of just getting diagnoised! Too much at once! Just take one day at a time (and sometimes one hour at a time) and know you are not alone! I'm so glad you got a computer!!! Hope you have a blessed Easter.

sue5050 2011-04-23 01:56:30 -0500 Report

thank you so much if i cry much more my eyes will surly fall out and bounce on the floor. i am really afraid. and real angry. and so sad. My brain dont know which way to go next. thankyou for caring i have few friends cause there aint alot of people up here. your kind words made me feel loved..thankyou

Sngbook 2011-04-07 08:09:20 -0500 Report

I found it through a website that helps with providing supplies! I just joined today and already receiving friends and sharing what I'm going through and giving assistance to newbies also. I've been a diabetic for several years but I've also got other problems, too! Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, bad low back problems, and the neuropathy has gotten worse lately due to out-of-control blood sugars (either too high or too low) and take 3 pills a day! I'm also in the process of filing for disability, too, so the stress of the forms from work and Soc. Sec. may had some effect on the diabetes during that period. Now I'm trying to get ready to move once everything goes through! With what's going on with Congress, if they have to close down the government, it might mean a delay with the process! UGGHH!!

Dixiemom 2011-04-05 20:56:58 -0500 Report

thanks from a newbie. I appreciate all the welcomes. It's nice to know that I have someone who is going through the same things and feels the same way I do. I belong to My Points and joined through that site. This is as time consuming as facebook. But I'm getting an education.

tabby9146 2011-04-05 18:26:56 -0500 Report

I want to say hello and welcome to all the newbies too! I have been on here over two years and I love the people here, and when you have a question you get lots of responses, tips, ideas on things, and lots always know just what they are talking about too. lots of support here.

DonHenault 2011-04-05 12:42:38 -0500 Report

Google search. With the information out on the web I have limited myself to three site for information this site first great information and people, the second is the ADA and the third is

1cookie :)
1cookie :) 2011-04-05 01:15:21 -0500 Report

When my blood work came back with Glucose and A1c higher than last year, I was worried; so I googled for advice from those who know best.

kimod1013 2011-04-05 00:32:25 -0500 Report

I can't remember how I found DC. It was a God thing I think. A couple of weeks ago my BS had gotten to 600 and I got scared. I was surfing the web a week ago at 1:00 in the morning and somehow found it. It's been absolutely the best thing ever for me. I too love waking up to new badges! It feels like your in girl scouts again! LOL Everyone here is so caring and supportive. I've told everyone I know about this site and how I wish I had known about it 10 years ago! I also joined the Fibromyalgia Community which is awesome also!

jayabee52 2011-04-04 17:03:58 -0500 Report

Much the same as you, Ray. I've been here a little more than 2 yrs. I love it here! The postive nature of this site is what attracted and kept me here.

Mizzgreenjeanz 2011-04-04 00:51:52 -0500 Report

I've only been here about a week also! I found this site in a search for free meters. I had one that a friend gave me but it was full of old numbers and I thought although it will work for my charting that a doctor would probably just like to be able to get clean numbers all my own…so I went on a hunt to save cash since I know the strips and lancets are a cost factor. Once I signed up for the meter, I found this forum. I am so glad I did. I've learned some invaluable things and enjoy everyone's stories. I am new to diabetes as well so I needed a lot of advice. I am thankful for this little spot in cyber space where I can type to likeminded individuals…and the little badges make it more fun too…I love a little competition ;)

soonersgrl 2011-04-03 21:34:45 -0500 Report

Hello. I have only been on this site for a week now and find it so helpful!! I found the site by googling information for diabeties and came across this website. Everyone here is so nice and very helpful. So glad I found it!!

nanaellen 2011-04-03 20:42:27 -0500 Report

Hi Ray! I've been here for a few months now and just happened to be the site I picked out of pages trying to find help with my diabetes. Gotta tell ya, it's the BEST thing that has happened to me since my diagnosis!!! It was getting really frustrating trying to figure things out for myself cause of no insurance!! Just wish I had found this place a LONG time ago, maybe I wouldn't be going through all this BS now with my pancreas. Ellen (still smilin' though!) :)

re1ndeer 2011-04-03 18:05:27 -0500 Report

Hi RAYT721: I guess I can say I'm a newbie, I've been here just 3 months.
I came here in a weird way. I belonged to a site called "swagbucks," where you win their bucks for visiting different sites.

And I happened on this site, thinking I was a diabetic, what do I have to lose.
So, I won both ways, I won the Swagbucks for visiting this site, and I won coming to this site, because I learned so much more.

Bunny Cakes
Bunny Cakes 2011-04-03 18:48:53 -0500 Report

I came to this site a few months ago in much the same manner. I was trying to earn points on a site I moderate for called Gaia Online, I got my Gaia Cash and got a great place to learn and share.

I do believe this site is the linch pin in my diabetes care and education, I've learned things here before I had to go ask the doctor and many times I have surprised him with my knowledge after being diagnosed only four months.