Unexplained Keytones

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My daughter has been a diabetic for almost one year now,we have her on a pump now,and i believe she is just about at the end of her honeymoon phase,because last week she suddenly started having higher and higher BG readings.we checked with our nurse and adjusted accordingly,the readings went down to a reasonable point.and then out of nowhere again they got high and she had keytones,so we treated her and they were gone by the end of the day,the next day the readings were ok,and the following day(today)the readings are up not as much as they were but she is showing a small amount of keytones again.My daughter is only three and a half and is not showing any signs of being sick,nor has she ever been sick.So my question is what is causing these keytones. Please help,thanks a frustrated father

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Cure us
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I am a "kid" with diabetes myself. I do have a pump. I did shots for 2 years. First call a doctor. Plug the number in her pump! Seriously CALL A DOCTER!