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My mom just rold me that she was going to get me the pump our insurence doesnt cover it much so it has been hars to get it so ive been on lanris and humalog for the 4years ive had diabetes my first class is in april

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Detrice 2011-04-03 12:30:21 -0500 Report

I am from Columbia, S.C. and I don't think that I can apply for Medicaid because I don't have dependent children and I was told that I don't qualify for Medicare. Does anyone know how to apply for Medicare?

MOMMY_OF_AN_ANGEL 2011-04-02 16:38:08 -0500 Report

Ive been on Lantis and Humalog shots for 18 years. Because of getting pregnant, I will be getting on the pump in mid-April as well. Im very anxious and cant wait to get my bloodsugars under control so I will feel better everyday! My bloodsugars now run in the 200's up to 500! It makes me feel tired, thirsty, lazy, weak, and like I gotta pee ALL the time! lol. Ive heard nothing but good things aboutthe pump. I hear it makes people feel better with the tighter control and the they also dont have to take so many shots a day. Instead, you just have to change your patch/needle on the pump every 3 days :)