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Big dadda
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Twice now I have gotten this tingling feeling in my arms and hands. Is this a sign of low or high sugar?

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Armourer 2011-04-04 12:38:39 -0500 Report

My left arm use to tingle when my BG was getting low. The more intense the tingle the lower my BG. I would then check my BS and sure enough I would be low. Then I had a decompression surgery on by left ulner nerve at the elbow and this went away. Good cause sometimes my left arm would hurt real bad, but bad cause my built in BG meter was gone. Or…could be diabetic neuropathy, which I now have in both my hands on the outside. Check your BG often, and talk to your doc.

GabbyPA 2011-04-03 17:00:48 -0500 Report

Generally the tingle is an alert and can mean either high or low. The best way to tell is to test when you feel it. If you fear going low, then make sure that is not the case.

As many have said, neuropothay could also be the culprit here and that happens from years of high sugar levels that have damaged the nerve endings over time. I have this in my toes and sometimes my feet. I am going to the podiatrist to find out for sure what it is, because my general practice thinks my feet are fine. I disagree. So you may want to get a couple of opinions on it from your medical team.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-04-02 21:00:24 -0500 Report

Talk with your Dr. about the tingling. It could be from the nerves or it could be from tendonites, or maybe something else. I had tendonites and had/have tingling in my arms and hands.

Hopieland 2011-04-02 15:44:08 -0500 Report

HI B-Daddy. Welcome! I could be neuropathy, 'specially if you've been D a while. It could also be caused by your spine/neck being out of alignment of affected by arthritis. NOW would be a good time to have your Doc check it out. if if it neuropathy, it's nothing to ignore. There are things you can to to treat it. James gives good advice. High BG #'s can lead to NP. Track your #'s consistently and make sure you visit your Doc. Keep us posted. We'll be prayin' for ya.

jayabee52 2011-04-02 15:29:19 -0500 Report

Howdy Dadda Welcome to DC!

The tingling in arms and hands is most likely diabetic neuropathy.

Have you tested your Blood glucose numbers ("BG#s") when you're having this tingling? Is it constant, or does it come and go?

You should tell your Dr about the tingling. How are your feet & lower legs? You might want to have your Dr check for feeling in your feet also. I pray you don't have neuropathy there also. I have neuropathy in both hands/arms and feet lower legs. Also in my groin area. My feet/legs burn, but other persons with diabetes ("PWDs") feel nothing in feet/legs.

It could be something else, but I don't have a clue as to what your tingling could possibly be.

Blessings to you and yours


Big dadda
Big dadda 2011-04-02 18:10:13 -0500 Report

thanks very much ill talking to my doc in a week, got alot of questions to ask

RAYT721 2011-04-03 01:29:39 -0500 Report

Might I suggest starting a written list? I suggest that only because I sometimes have so many questions that I end up asking one or two and forgetting the list of what I'd had on my mind for several weeks or months.

northerngal 2011-04-02 15:24:17 -0500 Report

Its more often associated with nerve damage, but thats after several years of diabetes, and poor control. I've had it almost 40yrs, and did thousands of miles bicycling. I'm beginning to have some tingling on occasion. Usually when I don't move them for a long time or something impedes circulation. It could signal low bs, but you normally feel sweaty or kind of foggy brained first. If its fingertips into the hands a little, could be the start of neuropathy. Far as I know, there aren't really great tests to check it until it advances. Its kind of subjective, but if it continues, I'd mention it to your Dr. Mine is intermittent, and no one thing causes it, it's more random. Hope this helps.

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