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I am scared, I have never had surgery to have a Hysteroscopy to remove polyps. Has anyone had one? I am on a pump and have to talk to the doctor about that. I can't eat or drink anything from Midnight and my surgery is at 11am!!!! I am going to see if they can do it earlier, it is just so long not to eat or drink anything!!! I also have the choice of getting my tubes tied, I haven't made my dissision about that yet it says I can have complcations because of having diabetes. It's in 23 days. I just need eveything to be ok, I have a 9 year old , a great husband and I help my mother. I am a teacher so my "other " kids need me too. Please help me feel better about this.

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northerngal 2011-04-03 12:59:20 -0500 Report

Hi. I've had more than a few surgeries, some major, some not. I agree with your idea of scheduling early. My hospital makes that mandatory for diabetics. And I've also been told that I should take medications as usual, but small amount of water (even though one requires a full glass). It worked fine, but the meds aren't for diabetes (I use an insulin pump). If yours are, definately check with the MD. Most surgeons will NOT be well informed for your particular care, the nurses and others will be. Your regular MD would be the one to ask about making special arrangements or changing meds for surgery. Its the worry beforehand thats the toughest. Do all you can to be prepared for it and you'll do fine. Keep a positive attitude!

PANTOUS 2011-04-03 15:39:22 -0500 Report

thanks for the great advice. My friend is also on an insulin pump and she said the doc will probably decreade my basel rate for a little while until the sugery is done, my sugar will be high (which I will hate) but they can manage it better then a low blood sugar. I am going to try to switch the time so my husband can also make it to work at 2:30pm. Hopefully they can.

jeffrey9127 2011-04-03 07:34:21 -0500 Report

Hello PANTOUS. I will be having major surgery in 3 days. I was told by the surgeon not to take any Diabetic Meds the morning of surgery because during my time in pre-op, surgery, and recovery, my BS would be closely monitored, and adjusted as needed. I am sure you will also be monitored too. You will be well taken care of, I'm sure. God bless you, and get well!

PANTOUS 2011-04-03 13:08:16 -0500 Report

Thanks alot. I am on insulin pump and my friend gave me some advice too. Right now I am in between diabetes doctors because the great one I had left for a better job. All of this support has been a great big help. I will make sure I sign in again after the surgery to tell everyone I am ok and hopefully feeling GREAT!!
Talk to you all soon

PANTOUS 2011-04-03 05:31:56 -0500 Report

I would like to Thank all of you for the great advice. I just needed to hear from other diabetic's that everything is going to be ok. I am glad there is this support group for diabetic people it's a great help. Thanks again for everything

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-04-02 20:42:37 -0500 Report

Make sure you talk to your Dr. about your concerns. For all 3 of last year's surgeries they stayed on top of the Diabetes angles. The Surgeons' pre-op staff people reminded me to check my BG often the day before and eat a snack (if on a liquid diet drink something) before the cutoff time to make it easierto keep better BG levels. Also they had me adjust my metformin. Since you use insulin they will tell you what to do, but be sure and ask any questions you have. One of the main concerns my surgeons talked about was that Diabets could slow down healing time. This didn't seem to happen in my case.You should feel better after the polyps are history.

nanaellen 2011-04-02 20:07:13 -0500 Report

Hi there, don't get yourself all worked up before your surgery, you know stress is not good for us. Have had my appendix out at 6 mths pregnant, had my tubes tied after having my twins, had a cardiac catherization twice!! (I'll admit THAT was scary!) I've also had a partial hysterectomy, had my gall bladder out just this past Nov.! And two tests endoscopy one with contrast one with ultra sound. Me being diabetic and all I talked to the surgeon and he said it was o.k. to have clear liquids up to 6 hrs. before surgery or procedure. Talk to your surgeon and tell him your concerns! They usually will accomodate if they can!! Good luck to you and you'll be in my thoughts! Ellen :)

Nova69 2011-04-02 20:06:40 -0500 Report

Hi! I've had two major surgeries with the last one being quite some time ago. Since my last surgery in 1992 (I started very young), I've been remarkably healthy, only missing 2 days of work in the last 18 years. Once this is over, you'll feel much better and, if you resolve to take the best possible care of yourself, you'll be around for your children for a long long time.

You may not realize it, but you're going through the worst part of the surgery right now, the anxiety and fear. Once you go to sleep, you won't know anything until you wake up ready to go on with your life in better shape than before. Sure, there will be some pain, but it will be manageable and you'll heal quickly.

Try not to lie awake at night, thinking about what can go wrong, surgery is so much safer these days. Every time you find yourself worrying, force yourself to stop and think of something else - It's hard, but doable.

You will be fine and we're all praying for you.

RAYT721 2011-04-02 18:55:18 -0500 Report

I can't offer advice about surgery because I have never had one but can tell you that my wife (non diabetic) has had more than 20 surgeries all over the place on her body.. I can tell you as a caretaker that it is an emotional experience and you are completely normal with your fears.

Please realize that this surgery, while new to you, has been performed routinely for decades with amazing results. The medical technology has come a long way and I am confident that you'll be just fine. I will be thinking of you.

Your fears are completely understandable but you'll find many people on this board with diabetes who have had successful surgeries that can offer more details than I.

melissa5786 2011-04-02 13:57:49 -0500 Report

I haven't had surgery like this before, but I did have major surgery almost 2 years ago and it was the first time I had ever had any type of surgery… I had to have my gall bladder removed, the decrepit pancreas removed and my intestines rerouted for digestion. They literally cut me open and took my guts out. I was terrified, but I pulled through and so will you!

Keep us posted and you know you'll be in everyone's thoughts and prayers. You're strong and you'll do great!

jayabee52 2011-04-02 12:33:10 -0500 Report

Howdy Donna!
Not having that type of "equipment" myself, I can't share an experience with that kind of surgery. (LoL!)

Yes, that's a long time to be "NPO" (non per ora: latin for "nothing by mouth" — I used to be a CNA ) and it will undoubtedly be longer than that by the time they're done with you.

I can and will pray for you for this surgery

Blessings to you and yours


Harlen 2011-04-02 09:21:56 -0500 Report

I have had too menny opps lol its no big deal just do what the Doc's tell yoiu before opp it is important .
you have my best wishes and luck