Metformin or not?

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I've just recently been diagonsised as Pre-diabetic (doctor's term) and given a meter to monitor my morning Blood sugar on a fast every other day. I'm generally between 120-129. I really don't want to take more meds as I am already on a handful each morning as ell as fiveor six at night for RA.

I have heard from friends to stay off the Metformin because it just leads to Insulin raher than helping avoid it. My doctor says it will help me lose weight but my rheumatoloigist said it can go either way. I could lose or I could gain weight. Due to extremely limited walking ability and standing ability exercise is almost completely out of the question. I need some advise regarding Metformin and its affects. Any and all comments would be appreciated.

I have started to alter my diet by decreasing the Carbs through elimitation of starches like bread, potatoes, store bought box cereals, rice, and limiting pasta.
I've changed oils to olive oils and just a limited amount and am using vinegarette for my salads rather than Ranch and Blue Cheese (my favorites). I also amcutting back on serving sizes. My biggest obstacle is my sweet tooth. I always seem to want something sweet in the evening. Again any suggestions for weight loss would be appreciated.

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Lady_Phoenix 2011-04-02 23:51:48 -0500 Report

I was on metformin for 3 years. I am not on any medications to control my diabetes at this time, So much for it leading to insulin huh. *grin* I have a VQ Action chair that I use to exercise at home You get a complete work out seated or with minimal standing. You may also want to look at the portable folding cycles. You can use them seated to get some cardio work in or put it on a table top and use your arms to pedal and build strength there.

For my sweet tooth, sugar free jello with cool whip folded in works wonders. Make the jello as usual with speed set, then fold in the cool whip or whipped skim milk with a bit of sweetener added. it comes out looking and tasting like a mousse. I also keep a bag of chocolate kisses in the back of my freezer. When nothing but chocolate will do, I get them out, take ONE from the package and put it back. Allowed to slowly melt on my tongue, it kills the worst chocolate craving.

granniesophie 2011-04-01 21:37:55 -0500 Report

Great for a sweet tooth-sugar free jello with a spoonful of nonfat coolwhip. Helps solve the sweet tooth issue every time! Portion controlled jello, too!