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My wife and I both have the same name brand mail order prescription insurance company through our respective employers. We both have to rely on this company for our various prescriptions which go beyond D2. I have heart problems and she has Chrons. Lately we have found the insurance company denies almost 100% of new prescriptions and requests a letter from the doctor explaining why she prescribes a medicine. This delays obtaining the medication from a local pharmacy for up to two weeks.
I called in for a refill on March 25th of my Actos which I take for my type II (March 25th was the first day according to my prescription I could request a refill on) Well today is April 1st - I ran out of Actos two days ago and my BS spiked over 200 and continued to rise. I asked my doctor for a carry over prescription tell my mail order Actos came in… She did so and I went to Walgreens to find out it was denied because I am supposed to get my DII medication by Mail order only.
By then I was feeling sick, weak and not good generally so I asked Walgreens to call the insurance as I was diabetic and needed the medication. Finally the insurance gave in and gave me half of what the doctor prescribed.
My point is this - is anyone else, who have insurance ran up against foreign maintained insurance companies who manage their prescriptions like this?
By the way my prescription is for two 15Mg tablets a day and the insurance company only has me down for one a day. I go to the doctor again this week and will try to get her to get this straight with the provider but who knows… when I called them - the guy's accent was so thick I could barely understand him… when I asked where he was that is when I found out my insurance was maintained offshore.

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Harlen 2011-04-01 08:45:54 -0500 Report

They are in this game to make money not spend it .
If it gets to bad you can sue them for risking your life .
I can only get mine thrue the ins comp pharm at there price
They get mad at me for using Sames but I pay for that so they can kiss my tuckus
I hope you have better luck with them