Moderation in Eating Non-Diet foods/Drinks

Fotog Diva
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I love it {sarcastically speaking} when Ppl think that as a Diabetic U JUST HAVE TO eat diet foods or diet drinks! SMH - EEEeeRRRrrr. EVERYTHING U consume/eat Ur body converts/turns it into sugar (glucose). Drinking diet drinks or eating diet desserts BUT still consuming starches like Breads/Pastas, beans & EVEn some of the veggies have some starch content! It's 'bout as Bad when U see an overweight person or ANYONE drinking a Diet drink with a greasy burger!


Type II(2) diabetics I can *Somewhat* understand b/c theirs is MOSTLY diet & exercise controlled along with their oral or combo or oral & insulin.

Diabetic *ALL OF US* can have candy,desserts, regular carbonated drinks in MODERATION. The key word being along with understanding how Ur body responds to those foods. The key is in testing Ur blood sugars before & 2 hrs after eating to SERIOUSLY understand how that food or what was contained in the meal that's *jacking up* (how it's affecting) Ur own blood sugars.

For me as a Type 1 I have a sliding scale so I adjust my insulin for what I eat & after 35 yrs I KNOW w/o a DOUBT just about how much Xtra insulin to take AND how certain carbonated drinks,desserts,candy & Breads/Pasta/Beans can run my blood sugars.

Natural juices (fresh or processed) aren't really diabetic friendly either - DON'T KID UR SELF! Refer back to the beginning of what I said:
"EVERY THING U CONSUME TURNS INTO SUGAR when Ur body processes it! !

For me I can't tell U the last time I had even a small amt of O.J. - I know even a sip (2oz+) can dirive my blood sugars past insanity! Regular Sodas (carbonated drinks) that I drink *often* don't bother me as BAD as O.J. (natural or processed). Even some of the juices - Cranberry blends,Acai or other processed juices can drive my blood sugars totally, insanely BONKERS!

The other foods that can drive blood sugars INNNSANE is what some Ppl love but need to understand their effect on diabetes:


I tell Ppl that I look at a heft serving of pasta or rice like I would straight sugar - BECAUSE my body is going to process/turn it ALL into sugar (glucose). ALL OF IT IS CARBS! The only difference is how FAST it'll process & hit a persons bloodstream. Even some candies will have a slow or fast absorption rate depending on the PORTION (how much I eat).

Basically it comes down to MODERATION - PORTION SIZES & BLOOD SUGAR TESTING. Also it take some time BUT just as IMPORTANT is listening & paying attention to Ur body! I've been a diabetic for 35 yrs now but learned to listen to "*MY*" body LOONNNGG time ago! I don't always behave BUT I am AWARE of the price I'm going to pay when I don't!

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echowit 2011-04-02 21:21:30 -0500 Report

Excellent definition of "management" !! Am copying this to a friend who insists the pasta will be good for me because it's "organic and whole wheat". (Apparently we needn't fear "healthy" carbs.)
Again, great post.

GabbyPA 2011-04-03 16:28:43 -0500 Report

LOL, yes, that is one of the biggest misconceptions. I had a member put it this way once. A friend would freak out when he reached for a cookie, but had no words of "wisdom" to share if he had a mashed potato sandwich with a side of crinkle fries. We just don't get the difference in many instances. All carbs are not created equal, but they are all carbs and will bit us in the end.

Fotog Diva
Fotog Diva 2011-04-17 16:14:34 -0500 Report

Hey Gabby speak for Ur self "I" get the difference! - sometimes U just have to REALLY impart on them some 'wisdom'! This is how I educate Ppl:

"To my body a heaping serving of rice & cup of sugar is the SAME THING - my body is going to process both the same way" If anything the rice is going to drive my BS "FASTER" than the sugar. Like the Fast & the Furious!

I have to "Drop the Knowledge" on them & DROP their faces on the ground!

Anonymous 2011-04-11 21:36:55 -0500 Report

gabby thanks for answering my post. my bs before i eat is between 90 and 115 two hours after i eat it is between 145 and 180. i try to eat a salad at lunch with what ever else i get. if no salad is available i try to at least get lettuce (or spinach leaves) and tomato on the sandwich. i am trying to increase my protein and reduce my carb intake. i am adding protein powder in my smoothie in the morning, really trying to improve my lunch choices but the only places to eat are arby's, mcdonald's or italian/pizza place. so from your post i guess i should try to get something that isn't on a roll or pasta. maybe rye bread for the sandwich would be better.

GabbyPA 2011-04-18 07:22:14 -0500 Report

Rye bread is usually lower in carbs without getting all faked out by advertised low carb breads. Or use a whole grain bread where you can see the grains in the breads. That might help. There are also some whole wheat pastas and high fiber pastas that might be an option, but you usually will have to get that at home.

Fotog Diva
Fotog Diva 2011-04-17 16:06:43 -0500 Report

I've gotten to the point (not for those U mention) @ a cookout or other places I will have 2= hotdogs for 1 bun. Or I just will eat ONLY the hamburger with half a bun or NO bun.
Ur choices U listed it still CARBS CHILD -"maybe rye bread for the sandwich would be better" that's still carbs! - EEERRR!. DON'T CARE HOW MANY WAYS u SLICE IT 21 DAYS TO SUNDAY - It's STILL CARBS!

Those are not the "ONLY" places to eat! "How's about from Ur own kitchen? Bring Ur lunch - stop wasting Ur $ & blowing up Ur BS! Prepare it the nite b4 or just make the time b4 work to grab something to take with U. They maybe "starchy" veggies but sometime all I'll eat is just veggies: corn,green beans, etc. with just some meat - NO RICE, PASTA BREAD none of that! U can bring either the can stuff or the frozen "single serve" veggies. If it's a time contraint still U can go to a local grocery store & get that.

Anonymous 2011-03-31 20:27:17 -0500 Report

gabby you seem to have a good understanding of food and how it affects your blood sugar. i am a type 2 diabetic and don't really understand it too well yet. when i asked my doctor questions about being diabetic all he would say is watch what you eat. he wouldn't explain what to do or what to avoid. finally after 2 years i found a new doctor who signed me up for a class (8 hours) of diabetic instruction and started me on oral medicine. my problem is the doctor said my blood sugar soars after i eat and it takes extra long (4 hours) for it to come down. i haven't found anything to eat that doesn't make my sugar soar. my a1c is good thou it went from 7.8 to 5.3 and 6.2 i have been trying to lose weight by using the treadmill for 30 mins each day for the last 8 weeks and only lost 2.5 pounds. do you have any suggestions on things to try and eat at lunch time especially that might not make my sugar soar. i have been eating half a sandwich at subway, or a roast beef sandwich at arby's, or a lean cuisine dinner with a piece of fruit. after i eat i get so sleepy i could fall asleep. for breakfast each day i eat 1 cup of special k or fiber one cereal with a banana in it or i make a smoothie with yogurt and fruit. really could use so quick easy ideals for lunch. thanks

Fotog Diva
Fotog Diva 2011-04-17 16:57:14 -0500 Report

Define Ur own "pERSONAL" definition of soar: past 200 or 250+? Read my original post that Ms. Gabby just replied to & commented on. I'll say it AGAIN like this: to quote U ". .half a sandwich at subway, or a roast beef sandwich at arby's, or a lean cuisine dinner . . - BREAD = CARBS - BREAD Hello! CARBS!! It Doesn't matter if it is a HALF a sandwich & the "Lean Cuisine" most likey has rice in it - CARBS once & AGAIN! I'm a Type 1 or 35 yrs & counting but here's what I do with a sandwich like U have:

FIRST [4u] Check Ur BS b4 U eat to judge how much or little too eat {b/c Ur new @ this check them to see what AFFECT that food has 2 hr after}
Next: For me I "MAY" eat half of that half - most of the time a 1/4 of the half & save the rest. ALSO much to Ur surprise the fruit is considered carbs too - WOW! Yes, 4 real!

> If Ur going to eat a sandwich eat a SMALL portion of it (the sluggish "sleepy" feeling is Ur body telling U that Ur BS are HIGH but still if U can test Ur BS to see HOW high that food has sent them).
> > After consuming a small portion of that sandwich & U still don't feel full? DRINK WATER it'll make U feel full.
> > Do a smoothie for lunch > > A Healthy Salad w/Grilled Chicken,Turkey

That sleepy "groggy" feeling is Ur body telling U that Ur BS are TOO High. Of course Ur sleepy b/c Ur body can't produce the insulin it needs FAST enough to keep up with how fast it's being processed. I used to be the same way & it took my sweetie some time to understand he'd say "Ur still young & U just ate . ." it took some time but he understands now. There's a "Lag" time in from when those carbs hit Ur system 'til when the insulin kicks in.

GabbyPA 2011-04-03 16:26:28 -0500 Report

What I see first off that is missing from what you are telling me is veggies. Those guys are your best friends. Salads, sliced, sticks, or whole. That will help a lot. With an A1c of 5-6 you are doing pretty well, so you might have to define "soar". Where do you start before you eat and how high does it go after you eat? If your rise is more than about 40-50 points, then you have to evaluate what you are eating or how much. Your meals sound rather high carb, so if you are not counting your carbs, I would start there. That might open a new light in your meal planning. Adding some protein or fats will help too. You want each meal to contain carb, fat and protein if you can. That helps a lot to curb the spikes.

GabbyPA 2011-03-31 18:37:20 -0500 Report

That is why we need to share with people and help educate them. There is a lot of misconception out there, even among doctors and diabetics alike. It is getting folks to understand that how they deal with you will not be how they deal with every diabetic they meet. We are all special snowflakes. LOL

Really, it is our job to help them understand. But you cannot fix stupid and if they don't want to learn or listen, it is better not to fight it. Just put on that "smile" and let it shine. LOL

Fotog Diva
Fotog Diva 2011-04-17 16:22:07 -0500 Report

DAAANNG - WHHOOOOO - SMH I like "But you cannot fix stupid and if they don't want to learn or listen,. . ." gotta' put that one on my Fb pg!

Gotta' change the wording to " U can't FIX Stupid if they don't want to LEARN or Listen"
Umma' give them that rock look & turn my head to the side like the animals do "HUH?" - SERIOUSLY - REALLY!?!

jlively1 2011-03-31 14:40:10 -0500 Report

I am a hypoglycemic so I don't take insulin. I hate it when people mistakenly think that I NEED to eat sugar. I only NEED to eat sugars/carbs when my blood sugar dumps. I also hate it when people try to tell me that something isn't going to hurt me. For instance, "Go ahead and have just one little bite Jenny, it won't hurt you." Ummmm yes it will and please don't tell me what to eat!!! I have already learned how to eat thank you very much for your concern. LOL!

jlively1 2011-03-31 14:41:24 -0500 Report

Also, most of these people who like telling you how to eat are usually overweight and don't know the first thing about nutrition. I guess "misery really loves company" is a true statement.