Blood Sugar numbers after meals and fasting

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Im just trying to get opinions on what everyone thinks is a good number for morning and after meals.The ADA is below 180 after meals and there are others on another site I was on who say it should be below 140.My morning BS is always 120-124.Ive never gotten below the 120 nomatter what I do.My Dr says he wants my BS in am tobe below 140.When I had Gestational Diabetes the morning number was also difficult to get to the 90 they wanted it to be even after a couple adjustments to insulin…I just think my body is different and I may never see below 120…One other thing In January when I had my bloodwork I took my BS with my meter and it was 121 however the fasting blood work was a 140.Difference in where they take the blood maybe?

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LUCI SUSAN 2011-03-30 14:31:56 -0500 Report

I think you might be right. I just start and I notice that if I take it on top of my figure and another time on the side its differ.

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