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Now I am not a Psychiatrist or Psychologist. I don’t claim to be able to interpret dreams. But here is my story.

As of the beginning of the month [Mar 2011], I had stopped taking my insulin’s. I had been on Lantus (62 Units/twice a day) and Novolog (17 Units before each meal) and my sugar levels were still in the range of 250-350; mostly above the 300 mark. You ask why I quit and so did the CDE. My response is: “If your sugars run in the 300’s, then what is happening?” response: “Organ Damage” right??? Right. Well, If I am doing Organ Damage with or without the insulin(s) then just stop using them. So, I just quit using the insulin(s) and low and behold, my BG levels stayed the same. Wow! My justification for not using the insulin(s) was if the BG’s were staying the same then I am trying to put out a forest fire by peeing on it.

Just about a week before I was supposed to see the “Someone” in my Diabetic Care Team (Evil Subject with me!!!), I had an evil dream!

OK about 03:30 hrs, I was in that stage of sleep where you know exactly where, how, and why you are sleeping. In Fact I remember in the dream my wife was asleep to the left of me. She was on her left side in a ‘spooning’ position. Myself, I was flat of my back and had my CPAP on and running. I remember waking up in the dream to see The Grim Reaper (The Iron Maiden Mummy, see the pic in my photos) trying to ram a large hypodermic needle, the size of an embalming needle, down my throat. He [the reaper] had slid his bony hands under my back and was supporting my neck. The feeling of his hand sliding up to my neck from the right flank to the center of my back under my heart and then quickly up to the back of my neck is what woke me up from the dream; as I swiped at his needle and RIPPING the CPAP off my head. I was yelling in the dream state saying “NOT TONIGHT!”

Let me just say, I still have trouble going back to sleep even though I realize it was a dream.

Now, I did see a CDE on the 16th who could care less about the dream and told me, “Stop the Lantus and Novolog” then told me to begin a regimen of Novolog 70/30 (85 units twice a day with food). That would be great, but in addition to his being a CDE for the VA, he is also their pharmacist.

Problem arises, when I call today and say, “the Novolog 70/30 was supposed to be mailed; Where is it?” He replies “I am looking at your profile and see that ‘I’ ordered it, but no one filled it. I will get it filled and sent out to you soon.”

I swear, the healthcare system is trying to kill us off so they do not have to deal with us.

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dietcherry 2011-03-31 13:14:48 -0500 Report

I have a recurring dream about diabetes-I have to give myself a shot with the biggest needle Ive ever seen! Like something out of a horror movie! Like it will pass all the way through my arm and come out the other side! haha I loooove waking up from that one! :)

realsis77 2011-03-30 12:10:28 -0500 Report

Crazy dream! Wow what a thought! Hope its not true! Haha :) its never fun dealing with our health care systems. Id hope they won't kill us! What a conspiracy!

Doc 720
Doc 720 2011-03-30 00:20:07 -0500 Report

Now my assumption is the dream meant, that the healthcare system and my diabetes represented by the mummy was trying to kill me by just increasing the non-working insulin(s), represented by the big needle.

Now, I just hope I can get this crap under control.

dietcherry 2011-03-30 02:43:58 -0500 Report

Aint no money in killing us off; even so, they atleast have to keep us alive long enough to deny us universal healthcare! teehee Oops its forbidden to express political opinions here…

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