Five Tips I Remind Myself Of Everyday

By MewElla Latest Reply 2011-04-06 09:58:56 -0500
Started 2011-03-29 13:52:01 -0500

1. Don't let one mistake start you on a downward spiral, admit it, forgive yourself-get back on track immediately.
2. Emotional eating in response to sadness, boredom or stress can drive your bg #'s on-find something to distract you for a while…but don't eat.
3. Eating too fast- put your fork down between bites and savor the food.
4. Not reading labels in relation to serving size-before you know it you can eat the whole thing, thinking it is a single serving.
5. Overeating away from home-resturant portions are generous-ask for a to go box-divide your meal, take home.

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waricks 2011-03-29 16:13:10 -0500 Report

Thanks for this - I am recovering from a blown #1 right now - put me on a downward spin for two months.

MewElla 2011-03-29 16:20:55 -0500 Report

Hey, but you are coming back…I'm proud of you!! Thanks for your comments..I appreciate the feedback. Take care and remember, we are here for you!!