How do you over come fatige?

By pinkie5004 Latest Reply 2011-03-31 11:25:49 -0500
Started 2011-03-28 16:11:01 -0500

I have diabetes type 2 & I am tired all the time.Does anyone know how to over come being tired all the dang time?!

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Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-03-31 10:37:31 -0500 Report

Sometimes I need to take Vitamin B complex to help with fatigue. I use a sublingual and start with the dose recommended on the bottle. After a week or two I reduce the dose by half then start using it every other day for a while. By the time I use up the bottle I feel much better. Then it's another 3 to 6 months before I need the extra boost.

pinkie5004 2011-03-31 10:55:58 -0500 Report

Thats a thought I might have to try that.Thank you for your input.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-03-31 11:10:32 -0500 Report

You're welcome. Reading your question toaday prompted me to start my B complex again. The fatiique had been creeping up on me and I had been gnoring it.

pinkie5004 2011-03-31 11:25:49 -0500 Report

Well at least it opened your eyes to your tiredness so you could do something about it.But I well give your idea some serious thought.Thank you again.

MoeGig 2011-03-30 09:55:19 -0500 Report

You might check to see if your Thyroid gland is working. Many diabetics have thyroid issues..(all part of the endocrine system). When mine stopped working, I could hardly drag myself around…and my BS was under control as well. If that's the problem, it's an easy fix.

WendyFR 2011-03-30 00:33:29 -0500 Report

jayabee52 is right, there are many factors why you are so tired. For me if it has to do with diabetes, it usually my BS is too high. When BS is high, my pump calculates how much insulin to inject. What I usually do, just go about my normal day. If I'm just tired because of a busy day, I rest.

Also, sometime exercise helps as well. It gives you more energy.

pinkie5004 2011-03-30 09:18:48 -0500 Report

Thanks for your input but my bs is not usually to high or to low.I agree that exersize helps a little bit. I don't do the injection,I take pills insteads,so I can only take them at a one point in time & thats it.I do the samething,if I have a busy day I try to do it in my time frame not they's.

jayabee52 2011-03-28 17:06:10 -0500 Report

There can be a lot of reasons for fatigue. Some of them have to do with diabetes ("DM") and others do not.

How have your Blood glucose numbers ("BG#s") been? High BG#s can sap your energy because your cells are starving. If you have insulin resistence (type 2s) or lack of insulin (type 1s) your bodily and brain cells don't get enough glucose for fuel. Insulin is like a key which allows the glucose into your cells to power your body.

If your BG#s are low, you can be fatigued too, because of lack of fuel. If BG#s go too low your brain shuts down and you can go into a DM coma.

Then you might be fatigued because you are working unusual hours, or not getting enough sleep, or the right kind of sleep. Sleep apnea can cause fatigue because you're not getting enough of the right kind of sleep.

There are a number of reasons you might feel fatigued. To go through them all would require a book.

Blessings Pinkie, to you and yours


pinkie5004 2011-03-30 09:30:22 -0500 Report

My BG# have been pretty good,not low & not to high.I have tpye 2 diabetes.As for sleep apnea I also have but I have the machine to treat it with.I usually sleep soundly but I still get up very tired.Thank you for your input & blessing to you to James & yours

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