Anyone have Type II diabetes due to Pancreas removal?

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Hi, I am new to the discussion board and hope I can find someone in same situation to lend some advice. Last September I had my pancreas removed due to renal cell cancer in pancreas no choice but to remove it. I have been dealing with the diabetes since then. (I am clean of all cancer at this time yeh!!)
I not only have to watch my carb, fats, red meats, no fried foods all these affect my stomach. I have lost forty pounds and seem to have a hard time trying to stop the weight loss, who would guess after thirty years of trying now it is just falling off. i weigh and measure most foods unless out to eat but I have gotten at good feel for portions size. I have more problems with low blood sugars right now than high. My sugars should be about 150-170 without pancreas. I have found out not many people have had a pancreas removed in our area so not much support. If anyone out there can give me some advice it would be much appreciated.

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melissa5786 2011-03-26 23:04:40 -0500 Report

I didn't have my pancreas removed due to cancer, but I got sick back in 2009 and they removed most of my pancreas because it was necrotic. I had have small portion left, but I was left with Type 2 diabetes and for awhile I had to take pancreas enzymes to help digestion. I have sense stopped those and my digestion is good. I still have reflux and pancreatitis, which will never go away.

I have to watch my fats, carbs and no fried foods.

Your best bet with your diet and weight loss would be to go to a nutritionist and have them help you with a meal plan. They'll be able to make sure you're getting the nutrients you need without affecting your other health issues.

I'm happy to hear you're cancer free! I hope you stay happy and healthy!

mylin51 2011-03-29 20:36:52 -0500 Report

Thank-you i can't believe i had this much response. i do take the enzymes at breakfast lunch, dinner and snacks. i am taking the four week course on diabetes which will give me some better understanding of this disease. I also track all my blood sugars, carbs and recently have been keeping a food diary. I will plan on seeing a nutritionist if my weight continues to drop.
I appreciate your help with this.

jayabee52 2011-03-26 22:16:01 -0500 Report

Did your Dr tell you were t2? It was my understanding that if you have no pancreatic function that you were t1.

EJMac 2011-03-26 21:51:27 -0500 Report

I had part of my pancreas removed due to pancreatic cancer in the head of the pancreas. What is left has been radiated and not working much at all. Are you on doctor prescribed pancreatic enzymes for when you eat?? I hope so. Otherwise nothing will stay in your body and you'll not get any nutrients from what you eat.I take 2-4 Creon (24,000) before every meal & snack. I ended up diabetic after the surgery too. I was on metformin, but it wasn't good for my kidneys. I have been on insulin for about 2 months. It's working pretty good for me. I feel much better and have more energy.

mylin51 2011-03-29 20:54:58 -0500 Report

I take 12,000 Creon at each meal and snacks, less than what you are taking. I know immediately if I do not take the Creon my stomach lets me know with in a half hour. I had the surgery and was given insulin drip to keep things in control and went home doing four injections a day and Lantus at night. My blood sugars are coming down still working with my endocrinologist monthly. I am back to work full time in January but fatigue seems to be my biggest problem not sure why that is. Thanks for your help!!

0tina0 2011-03-26 21:49:42 -0500 Report

Hi There!! I had my pancreas removed October 30, 2008…along with a lot of other stuff…I also had cancer and it is gone. So I am super blessed! Actually I am a Type I diabetic and I take insulin several times a day…But you are right there are so many things that we can't eat..or we can just have to pay the price. Any thing with grease is a huge NO NO for me… I lost 90 pounds and I will never gain again. I am not unhappy about the weight loss altho I think 140 on my 5'8 frame is a bit skinny…and my kids hate it that I am so thin. I have some malabsorption problems which I can't control and the enzymes only do so much to help. My sugars are pretty good, my last A1C was 6.1. I try really hard to control my sugars but sometimes no matter what I do they drop…If I'm sick…they go high. I have way more lows than most people but I can usually tell and I have a dog that is truly amazing…she knows about 15 minutes before I do. Anyway…what ever I can do to help!! E-mail me and we can chat!! Tina

Anonymous 2011-03-29 21:37:37 -0500 Report

Here is my e-mail address so we can keep in touch.. small

jayabee52 2011-03-30 07:52:59 -0500 Report

It is better if you ask Tina become friends with you, and then use the DC mail system to exchange contact information. These bulletin boards may be visited by "bots" which can harvest such information and then sell it to others and all of a sudden your inbox is flooded with spam!

Ask Tina to be your friend, If she's not already. Click on her profile or handle and you'll see either "Add to friends" or "send message" If there is neither there, you've already asked to be a friend, but they've just not responded. You can ask them on their wall. or in a discussion to either accept you as a friend or to request you as a friend.

Perhaps before any of this is done, I would recommend going back in and using your edit function to change your message, and remove your email address.

You can do as you wish, but this is my recommendation

mylin51 2011-03-29 21:32:32 -0500 Report

Well my husband said he thought I am Type I also so I guess I have a lot to learn! The weight loss is remarkable but like you I don't want to lose anymore at this time. I know certain foods set things off like the grease, fried foods, meats, salads are another problem which I still eat in moderation. I do weigh and measure most foods so i can keep count of my carbs. I also have been dealing with more lows than highs still working on that. Glad you have a dog that keeps watch over you my husband does that for me but he gets very nervous when I get those lows with good reason my lowest recently was 55 not sure about you but it takes me over an hour to get them up to a reasonable reading. i have tried the glucose tablets and they seem to work faster than orange juice. Glad to see your A1C is so good. I was 6.1 before I left and recently my A!C went from 10.1 to 9.4 not a great drop but a start. I have not been sick with diabetes yet so not sure how that works. I do four shots of insulin and Lantus at night.
I am glad to hear you have done so well and cancer free!!!!! Glad to know I am not alone i did not think I would have this much response
I am not always on the computer so it may take a day of so to respond.
Thank-you for your help hope to talk soon.

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