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Just wanted to let you all know that i just joined and looking forward to getting to know you all.It really seem's to be a nice place and your welcome to check my profile out.Well i will be joining you all soon.So take care and talk soon.
Mark S

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RAYT721 2011-03-26 18:45:56 -0500 Report

Herb: Hi… welcome to the website! I have a number of genuine friends that I have met here who over the past year have helped me change with their information, education, inspiration and motivation. I hope you'll find the same kind of support within the group (aka family/community). I sent a friend request. If there's anything that I can do or say, please, drop a line.

pixsidust 2011-03-26 15:26:14 -0500 Report

I must admit yours is the first profile I have read that talks about wanting to cuddle and reads like a dating ad.
Are you Diabetic because you do not mention it?
I hope you find friendships and support

Cari Lee
Cari Lee 2011-03-26 15:25:52 -0500 Report

Hi Mark,
Welcome to our family. We have an amazing bunch here, and everyone is so very supportive.

realsis77 2011-03-26 14:21:59 -0500 Report

Hello and welcome to our community! I think you will really like it here! I've learned so much here and everyone is so suportive! Again welcome!

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