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If you hadnt seen my post from last month, i was accepted into the artificial pancreas study. I hadnt been quite that excited for a long time. I went to my first appointment and filled out all of the paper work, was shown the new insulin pump that I would be working with (which was very tiny and no tubing) answered 250 questions on the computer, and then got ready for my blood test. I have very poor veins and no one can ever get me, which is why I had a medport put in. They sent a nurse from the icu to take a look at me and try to get a blood sample so they can know what my a1c is. She attempted at a vein in my hand which was so tiny she said she couldnt even tell which way it went. Of course she missed and that was it. They did not write for a medport in the protocol. The next phase of the study was an inpatient hospital stay where they needed two open access lines and multiple labs were to be drawn also. What does it matter if my blood comes from a vein or a tube inside of my vein. Damn protocol, so just like that i am out of the study and devastated. I need help! I thnk I am going to have to get a transplant and that scares the hell out of me…SIGH

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I am so sorry that this happened…Wish something could be done…My heart aches for you and I feel your disappointment…God Bless You…

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