Type 1- Symlin Usage

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In a recent discussion with a member of my medical team, she suggested the possible use of Symiln. I've done some web surfing and have seen some disconcerting things. Does anyone have experience with T1 and Symlin? I have had T1 for 47 years, been on the pump for 12 yrs. My A1C's are by no means perfect - 8.0, and on their way down, since I have removed diet sodas from my diet. It is my understanding that as the BG comes down, the liver continues to manufacture glucose. With higher BG's the added sugars are sloughed off through the urine. As the BG is better controlled, the glucose has no where else to go but the cells, thus causing weight gain. (VERY frustrating!!!) Outside of additional synthetic hormone, I will also have to start injections, since Symlin cannot be mixed with insulin. (THAT'S a whole different issue!)

If you've had experience with Symlih and T1, I really would like hear about it. Thanks!

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