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Hey, I'm quite confused so I thought I'd ask the question. I'm from England and I read my blood glucose levels in mmols , so figures such as 4,5,6 etc. Most people on here use numbers such as 120. I take it this is a entirely different measurement but could someone please explain the difference and which ranges in the second Measurement are the 'normal'.
Is it just used in America as I havnt heard of it before? I'm trying to gain knowledge from other posts and this makes it hard to understand people.
Thankyou for your time :)

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Alexx_x 2011-03-26 21:51:48 -0500 Report

I have been thinking the same things so this post has been a lot of help to me! I'm from Canada and we also use mmols so it is good to know what most other people consider a "normal" level.

echowit 2011-03-25 19:29:31 -0500 Report

What Kirla said. :)

As to "normal range"; My GP (general practice Doc) wants me between 100 to 120 — I am to modify my diet and/or exercise if I go above 120 for any length of time and I'm never, NEVER, supposed to be above 140 nor below 80. Hope this helps.

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