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You know everyone this disease is getting harder and harder for me to accept. I am used to eating and drinking anything that i want. Everytime my sugar goes up my mom say, "you just have not accepted that you have diabetes yet." She has had it for almost 25 years so I know she knows how hard it is. I've only had it for about a year and a half and i want it to go away.

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Bunny Cakes
Bunny Cakes 2011-04-04 16:25:32 -0500 Report

On most days I accept my diabetes, I don't see how I can be happy and fight what my body is telling me at the same time. It's been a struggle but I've jumped a lot of hurdles in a short amount of time. I'm working on a couple of hard one now but I'm making progress.

One of my hurdles is sugar, I've cut it from my diet but with Easter here a lot of my favorite once a year candies are out and even in my house so I have to be stronger than ever and not eat them. My all time favorite jelly beans are in this house staring at me but I've grown strong enough to resist, I had one of each flavor the day I bought them and they weren't as good as I remembered so I am stronger now knowing that.

I do still have high numbers but I'm getting lower and lower. I went from constant 260s to constant 120-130 and now I'm slipping into constant 110-120s I even had an 84 a week ago. My goal is to go off meds. I can accept diabetes but I'd like to have a life with out meds for it if I can.

Diabetes is my teacher, a very strict one. She will teach me to love my body and eat right and should me high numbers when I'm not a good student.

For me diabetes is also a puzzle, one I work everyday to solve for myself. I'm learning the foods that hurt my numbers and slowly working on portion sizes. I'm losing weight and becoming the person I always wanted to be but never had the motivation to become. I hate that a disease is what ave me the motivation but sometimes that is what it takes.

I do still have bad days but they pass and I'm getting to the point that I'm not being as naughty on my bad days because eating those things makes me feel bad physically and mentally after.

My family and this site are a great help in my struggle, I know people love me and want to help me and I know there are people here who have done it before and are still doing it. If this is how life has to be then I will do my best to take this lemon and make sugar free lemonade because it could always be worse and I don't want to say I didn't try to stop it.

Felicia67 2011-04-04 15:04:53 -0500 Report

Hi! I'm new to the website and I'm finding it hard to accept that I'm a diabetic. I was diagnosed 09/11/2009 and to this day I can't accept it. It runs in my family my mom, dad and all 8 children. I hate the day I stop drinking coke. I use to drink it like water everyday all day. One day I decided that I was going to cut back, no reason for cutting back just felt like it. It got to the point where I wasn't drinking it at all. Two months later I started feeling sick and couldn't get better, so my husband said if I didn't feel better he was taking me to the doctor whether I wanted to go or not. Finally I went to my doctor and my sugar level was so high (over 600) it didn't register on their meter. I went to the hospital where I stayed for 6 days. Now two years later I feel if I hadn't stop drinking coke I wouldn't be a diabetic now. I know it would have happen but thinking not this soon, I'm still young 43. Anyone has any suggestions?? I try telling myslef I need to do better so I can be here for my family, so I will take my insulin and meds right for a while then off for 3 months til I get sick and my sugars are too high.

QueenJeanne 2011-04-07 13:50:24 -0500 Report

Felicia67, do not, I repeat, do not go off of your insulin and meds or you will surely die. Accepting diabetes is hard, I know I have been diabetic since 2001. I have had my good years and last year 2010, was the worst. I am back on track now except for the full blown exercise,which I will begin soon. I was having a hard time with my oral meds, Metformin, and now I have figured it out. Found out that I had to put 8-10 hours in between doses and I have not been as ill as I was before I started paying attention to the time in between. I have joined a support group for Diabetics and we help each other out with our issues and we also have a dietitian who has helped us work through a lot of our problems. But you hang in there and I will be back to check on you later. I am going to make sure that this Diabetic Support Group gets the same info that I received from my other Support Group.

Felicia67 2011-04-11 09:13:59 -0500 Report

Thank you QueenJeanne and Jayabee52 for your support. I've realized that not accepting the fact I am diabetic doesn't make it go away. I've been working real hard to stay on my oral meds and insulin. Thank you again!!

jayabee52 2011-04-04 17:55:40 -0500 Report

Welcome To DC, Felicia!
Please take care of your diabetes! I have heard that it is the yo-yo effect of going high and back down which gives one complications.

I have several complications. They're no fun and are painful!

So stay on your isulin/meds!

And, BTW, IMO drinking the coke virtually 24/7, while not bringing on your diabetes, may well have hastened its arrival!

Blessings to you and yours


alanbossman 2011-03-24 09:31:05 -0500 Report

Well you should know if your mom has had diabetes for almost 25 years then you know it will not go away. Yes it is hard for some people to accept diabetes its a whole new lifestyle and all changes you have to make just to eat healthy. You should not ingnore your diabetes there are some here who did just that and now later in life they are sorry they did not listen and take control early in their diabetes and now are paying for it.

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