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What works for you? What makes you happy or at peace with yourself? Is it a walk or a run? A horseback ride or bike ride? Swimming or taking a bath? Hiking or camping?
Well, their are a lot more things people like to do so what is your favorite? Why? Well, if you are feeling blue or alone, go out and do something you like, or maybe invite a friend, go window shopping, to the library. Do what you would do when you feel good; It is really hard when you are depressed and don't even want to get out of bed, and for me as well as others, there are those commitments you have to tend to daily, like work, family, etc. SO DEPRESSED OR NOT, YOU HAVE TO GET UP AND FACE THE DAY. So maybe try changing it. Get up earlier, have some alone time, read, watch an early movie, take a luxurious bath, try to keep yourself in the moment for that time, instead of predicting or projecting how you may feel later, that only helps make it happen, by giving in to those thoughts, so distract yourselves, and have a good time doing it.

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GabbyPA 2008-10-05 02:07:41 -0500 Report

Very nice. I like these suggestions, and it is true, our own worry about what the day MIGHT hold can sometimes be a self fufilling prophesy. So we might as well think good thoughts instead of worry.

I LOVE nature. I enjoy being outside hiking and camping. My husband and I camped from Florida to the Adarondac's in NY last September...in a tent! He is in a wheelchair, so you know that was a challenge, but we had the best time. We were able to just forget about life back at the "farm" and enjoy being with each other.

Another one of my favorite things to do is very early in the morning, to just observe the waking of the earth. (I know, kind of mushy) But there is so much that happens in those few hours that it can blow your mind and amaze you if you take the time to be still, and just listen, watch and imagine.

Those are my escapes...I might just have to do one of them this week.

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