what # is the best to have?

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what? # is the best to have?

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Anonymous 2011-03-22 13:04:33 -0500 Report

I was told between 90 and 130. The doctor say it all depends on the person and their A1C numbers. But i feel my best when my BS is about 150 I think it all depends on the person. When my BS gets below 80 i start feeling not to good and last week it was 51 and i thought it was going to be an ambulance ride cause everything we did me and my husband didn't work. In the end we did something im ashamed of and wouldn't do again but it was the only thing that worked. I don't drink anything that isn't sugar free but my hubby drinks pepsi and i drank 8 oz of that and finally after the juices and and milk and crackers and toast that was the only thing we could think of and it worked but numbers are differnent on the patient and the doctor. Good luck with you sugars and discuss this issure with doctor and they will give you what they want your numbers to be.

realsis77 2011-03-22 11:28:59 -0500 Report

Hi. You want to keep your blood sugar UNDER 150 at all times. At 150 and above damage can occur. So its very important to keep it under that number. Your blood sugar will flucatuate during the day, but remember the rule as to keep it under 150. When I reach 150 I'm required to use my second insulin. I use a 24 hour insulin in the morning and another with meals. Do your testing and make sure to keep your numbers where they should be. Write down your results in a log. I wish you the very best and God bless!

jayabee52 2011-03-22 08:52:04 -0500 Report

Howdy Irene,
What does your Dr say?
I was trained as a Certified Nurse Aide. I was told there that the target range for fasting BG was 80 to 120. Others say 70 to 130.

Since your Dr is responsible for guiding you in how to control your DM he would be the best person to give you those target ranges.

kdroberts 2011-03-22 07:53:00 -0500 Report

It depends on the time and what number you are talking about. 85 is a great number for blood sugar, impossible to keep your blood sugar at that level all the time though.