I feel so overwhelmed

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i am newly diagnosed.
pretty much have been on prednisone for my asthma for over 14 years nonstop and thats basically what caused the diabetes. i cant lose the weight tho i just lost 30lbs from being in the hospital sick with the flu and pneumonia which isnt good.

i am overwhelmed. i dont know what to start with as far as diet wise and all of that. i kinda switched beverages from soda to diet green tea which is way better i guess.
my main problem is i rarely eat. i eat about once a day maybe twice a day. i have no appetite and i know thats a big problem. my blood sugare are horrible they are always above 200 maybe 1-2 times around 170s.

i have really bad stomache problems which is why i rarely eat( i think) and i go for a colonoscopy on the 31st so im hopin they find something wrong to explain why im not eating or why i cant eat more.

i have been looking at the exchange system. has anyone tried it? does it help?

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squog master
squog master 2011-03-20 23:03:48 -0500 Report

I use the exchange system. I'm on prednisone too for RA & Asthma. I had emergency hernia surgery 7/09 at which time it was discovered that I had very low protein in my body so I'm on a high protein diet. I think because of that I have been able to lose weight. Basically I've been eating 2-3 extra protein exchanges & 2 less starchy carbs exchanges. The calories per gram are the same for carbs & proteins. Also I've been using whey protein. I mix it in my milk exchanges 2x a day.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-03-19 08:49:42 -0500 Report

Hope your doing better today. The stress of wondering about what the changes in meds will do and the actual effects the changed meds are doing is tough to handle.

skuzminski82 2011-03-19 12:40:22 -0500 Report

yea i feel a little better. ate some grilled chicken caesar salad today. not much of it and of course i was in bathroom right after but i guess eating it was a start.
breathing is a little blah with the weather change. blood sugar is slowly getting lower. it's at 345 now after all the meds and eating

skuzminski82 2011-03-19 00:04:00 -0500 Report

tonight my bloodsugar was REALLY high 545
never been that high since ive been testing it but then again i woke up feeling lousy diahreah stomach pains again and had to take antibiotic tonight 2nd time dr told me to do and im stressing about going lower on steroids tomorrow so i think all that combined has something to do with it being high as well

hoping i wake up tomorrow feeling better enough to be able to hold food down at least i think im gonna start off with a yogurt in the morning and i have lettuce and tomatoes. i know i wont be able to do hot foods because my throat is irritated as well. i just wish i didnt have all this stomachpain so i could eat more

jayabee52 2011-03-19 00:46:28 -0500 Report

Stressing about it will certainly raise your BG#s as well. I pray you will find relief from your problems

skuzminski82 2011-03-19 00:52:41 -0500 Report

my blood pressure this morning was raised too when i was at the pulmonologist. idk why i guess i was nervous about changes that were gonna be made. it was 140/100. i always get nervous when i go to him because he is new but since going to him i have had 5 medicines removed and one cut in 1/2 and my prednisone has been lowered from 30mg to 15mg now. he's the kind of dr i've been looking for since my old one passed away a few years ago.

normally i dont stress out over stuff like this. im very patient/calm and organized but lately i just find myself overwhelmed with it all which is just unlike me. i guess we all have our moments of weakness

jayabee52 2011-03-19 00:55:20 -0500 Report

It's often called "white coat hypertension" having HBP in the presence of a medical person like Dr or RN

skuzminski82 2011-03-19 00:59:33 -0500 Report

ah i iddnt know there was a thing for it. i find i get that alot with other drs but never with my primary doctor.

skuzminski82 2011-03-19 01:08:17 -0500 Report

yea he's new to the office with the primary dr i go to but the 2nd visit he had me down. he knew all my triggers. he knew when i mentioned back pain in between the shoulderblades that it was one of my signs that i would be in the hospital and if it got worst to go to the er. the diabetes doctor i like but ive only seen him once. the first two times it was an assistant but she was nice and all. all our next visits will be with him. he did get one strike against him with the insulin. he said it was like victoza but i guess it was partially my fault because i shouldve read the instructions. im just hoping i dont have the same reaction i had when i was using it before. there arent many options in my area for diabetes drs that take my insurance

Kirla 2011-03-18 22:13:35 -0500 Report

Feb 2009 I was diagnosed with a fasting blood sugar of 366 and A1C of 14.1. Started to eat a salad every day at supper. Also started to eat lots of low carb vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers, spinach, pickles and sauerkraut. Started to drink 8+ glasses of water every day.

I then bought a meter and started to test my blood sugar before and after each meal. At first I was testing 2 hours after each meal and when my numbers dropped a lot I started testing 1 hour after meals. I was testing 5-7 times a day. I cut back or eliminated foods that spiked my blood sugar more than 50 points after eating.

By testing I found that foods like bread and most foods made of grains along with pasta, rice, corn, potatoes, oatmeal, cereals, chips, crackers, cakes, cookies, candy, soda, fruits, fruit juices, milk and most foods that contain more than 5-6 net carbs per serving as found on the package label all spiked my blood sugar. Some people can cut back on these foods and some people like me have to stop eating them.

After about 6-8 weeks my blood sugar readings were almost normal levels. After 7 weeks I quit all meds and my numbers continued to get better and better.

I found by reducing and eliminating high carb starchy foods helped me a lot. By adding small amounts of chicken, beef, pork or a hard boiled egg to my meals helped reduce blood sugar spikes also.

Good luck

skuzminski82 2011-03-18 13:03:49 -0500 Report

my doctor put me back on the insulin today. well the pulmonologist did. he said my endin. might have highered my dose too soon which is why i might have had reactions to it when i did. i was taking the lantus and when i was on the 20units i was having chest fluttering and i felt sick to my stomach.
so we'll see if being on 10units for a while works.

ye aive been on longterm prednisone, never been off of it and HIGH DOSES for over 14 years and its the cause of lal my problems,
im 28 and i have severe osteoporosis of the hip/back/neck and arm, copd, asthma, plantar fasciitis in both feet, tendonitis in both heels of the feet, chronic shingle outbreaks, bronchiectasis, sleep apnea, chronic sinusitis, reflux, and an immune disorder Hypogammaglobulinemia so im also on over 12 medicines for all of those which are all from the prednisone. if i was still on infusions for my immune disease i know for a fact the lantus says that would interfere with the blood sugar numbers and i know some of the meds im on now already do so i feel defeated on that purpose.

when i was in the hospital sick i was ontheir diabetic diet and my bloodsugars were all over 500 from the medicines and i wasnt sneaking any food in at all and all the nurses were just rude about it. some even went as far as to check the garbage cans to see if i had food in there and i tried to tell them it was the medicines.

i see my primary doctor today and i plan on asking him about a dietician. there arent many options in the area. ive looked and none take medicare which sucks.

im hoping with the colonoscopy itll show something then i can be diagnosed with SOMETHING. then ive been looking at this ALCAT TESTING, maybe its that im intolerant to pretty much everything i eat and cant hold most foods down.
which would suck but this alcat test seems so show what foods a person is severely/moderately/mildy and not tolerant too and that would be a last resort.

realsis77 2011-03-18 11:57:03 -0500 Report

Hi. Welcome. I really hope you get this all worked out! You do need to eat! Eat foods low in carbs! Foods that are low on the glycemic index. Take a look online at the glycemic index and it can give you a great idea of what's high and bad and what's low and good. Diet is a huge part to controling your diabetes so you must learn to eat and eat correctly! Hopefully your doctor will have some answers for you as to why you can't eat. Keep us posted on how your doing. By the way , I also am a asthmatic and have taken predisone before! I didn't know it causes diabetes?? Did your doctor tell you that?? I'm courious?? Good luck with everythng and keep us posted on how your doing! God bless!

jayabee52 2011-03-17 19:52:20 -0500 Report

Howdy again skuzĀ­minsĀ­ki!
I had tried an exchange system a long time ago (back in 1980) to reduce my weight, and when I followed that system, it worked well. The problem was me not following it forever. Don't know if this is the exchange system of which you asked, though.

The change from (regular?) soda to diet anything is a step in the right direction, to be sure.

My bride "Jem" had diabetes, due to her CHF, she said. She also had COPD and GERD. She had to take prednisone occasionally due to her Lupis(SLE) or RA flare-ups. Fottunately she didn't take the "pred." for as long as you though. But she would have Blood Glucose numbers ("BG#s") in the 300s to 500s plus. We had to work with her endo Dr to manipulate her insulin dosages, types of insulins and sliding scales. We took her BG#s 4x/day and sent the spread sheet with her v/s, weights & BG readings 2x/wk. It took us working like that for 1 to 2 mos to get her BG#s consistently under 200.

Jem had a sensitive tummy too. (esp with the GERD). She used it as an excuse (?) to drink regular cokes & sodas. (I was a bit concerned by this, esp when on "pred.".)

You say you eat only 1 or 2 meals a day. Perhaps you might find more EVEN BG#s (I wouldn't expect perfect BG#s) if you started having 6 small meals per day, rather than 1 or 2 massive meals. You may even out your BG#s better that way, and you may not eat as much because you're not so hungry by the time you eat. It also might ease up on the pressure on the bockage in your colon.

I sincerely pray you find the relief you need.

please drop back to this discussion to let us know how your colonoscopy comes out!


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