Question about weak knees at night

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I asked my MD about this but since it doesn't occur frequently and isn't stopping me, we weren't overly concerned about it. I am a Type II taking oral meds and Lantus once a day. My numbers aren't fantastic but could be worse. Blood pressure is normal/high normal; cholesterol is a little high, but down 60 points in last six months.

Every once in a while when I go to bed, shortly after I lay down my knees feel like they have turned to jelly. They feel weak, disconnected and seem as if they wouldn’t support me if I tried to stand up. This isn’t the case as I’ve tested that and when I stand up the feeling goes away immediately.

I don’t have the best of knees, as I wasn’t kind to them when younger and have no cartilage left in them. My weight is higher than it should be and I know that losing poundage would help both my knees and my diabetes. I’ll get there.

The only other thing that I can think that may be a contributor is that I don’t sleep very well all the time. I wake up several times a night, usually just for a few minutes, and then go right back to sleep. My day start typically at 0600 and I usually hit the rack about 2230-2300. Most days I get a nap in at some point during the day, but function well without. I just started taking naps because it was a way that I could keep my grazing down during breaks at work.

Anyway, just wanted to present this to see if anybody else has had this feeling. I have good feeling in my feet and lower legs, no loss of sensation, actually pretty sensitive feet. (Read that as very sensitive rather than pretty AND sensitive – no pretty feet I my family, LOL!) Just a weird feeling that I wondered about.

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