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how long can i go with out my meds 4 bloud shuger

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pixsidust 2011-03-17 13:46:49 -0500 Report

My metformin is $4 amonth or $10 for 90 days. If you can take your medicine and eat right it should really help. They have other diabetic meds on that list as well.

If I miss a dose my blood sugar is whacked right away

cograndma 2011-03-15 15:01:01 -0500 Report

there is a website they were recommended by my endocrynologist and can help you. also SCBN will help you if you qualify for about $20 a month for each prescription. you can also look at which pharm. company makes your drug and go on their website for ways to get free drugs. Your doctor might also be able to give you free samples.
I use SCBN and Amlyn's connection to care. I get four of my meds for free and it is well worth my time and jumping through all the hoops,because one of my meds is $285 a month other wise…
hope this helps

kdroberts 2011-03-15 12:59:26 -0500 Report

It depends on how well your blood sugar is controlled. Maybe a couple of hours, maybe a couple of decades.

tweetydele 2011-03-17 11:17:21 -0500 Report

im on a low carb diet and havent had to take any meds in 10 days now, hopefully i can keep this up by controlling it just by diet…

Doc 720
Doc 720 2011-03-18 09:14:32 -0500 Report

I am really glad to see you working the Dz with Diet. Not trying to be a "Nay Sayer" here but you will have that one day/week when you fall off the diet. And, when yu fall, it will be hard!

BandonBob 2011-03-15 10:55:01 -0500 Report

I can't really answer your question as written. I have gone as long as 2 weeks without when I couldn't afford to refill mine but I was worried everyday and didn't feel comfortable with that decision. Diabetes is a progressive disease and My opinion is that you should not go any time at all missing your meds.

kittenpurr1 2011-03-16 00:27:41 -0500 Report

Well said, diabetes is nothing to play with, it can mess up your vision, your kidneys, so many things.

BandonBob 2011-03-16 00:51:12 -0500 Report

Thanks for replying. I only wish that the costs didn't sometimes make us do things we shouldn't.

tweetydele 2011-03-18 09:49:46 -0500 Report

just a suggestion but i have a friend who couldnt afford his meds and went to social security office and they helped him find a place where he could get his meds really cheap, may try that. or get on pc and look up rx meds plan they will help too. hope this was helpful. put in the state u live in plus rx. i livein missour so not sure that plan is in every state but know it is in illinois too.

BandonBob 2011-03-18 15:14:21 -0500 Report

I am luckier than most in that the VA pays for most of my meds. They don't pay for things not on their formulary like Januvia. Fortunately I am on Mrck's assistance program and they furnish it for free, The strips are my other big problem as the VA says because my BG is under such good control I only need test twice a week. I have to buy the strips to test with the times I want. I test fasting every morning then rotate once a day with two hours after breakfast, two hours after lunch and two hours after dinner. Oregon has a drug card available to all Oregonians that gives discounts for meds as well. I use the card for my glimperide which is not VA approved and get 50% off the cost.

tweetydele 2011-03-18 16:55:32 -0500 Report

that is the same meds i take for sugar glimepride. i have to b careful as it is such a strong drug can really lower my sugar too much. if i do need it i only take 1/2 of 1 mg at a time.

BandonBob 2011-03-18 20:42:03 -0500 Report

I take 2 mg twice a day. Morning and night. My fasting BG in the morning stays between 70 and 100 almost every morning. I guess I'm lucky it doesn't mke mine too low.

cograndma 2011-03-17 14:23:32 -0500 Report

that is why medicine in this country sucks!! with that being said, I wouldn't want to be a citizen of any other country and I am glad I live in the USA!!

kdroberts 2011-03-17 15:21:17 -0500 Report

There are plenty of other countries I'd live in. There's lots to be glad of but I'm also glad I have the option to leave if I need to. Every country has their good and bad points, it's just how they fit around you that makes it a good or bad country. For some the US is the best country in the world, for others it's one of the worst.

ladialexander 2011-03-15 11:39:11 -0500 Report

it's a damn shame when WE have to worries about being able to afford our meds, I'm down to 4 lisinoprils,hyrochlorothazides for HBP and glipizide but cannot get a refill until I see the doctor again and the nearest free health clinic appointment is not available for a month and a half…my BP can go as high as 200/110!

kittenpurr1 2011-03-16 00:29:17 -0500 Report

That is stroke stage, becareful. Mine gets like that. Try some web sites some help, they manufactures of the meds. and some Publix gives away Metformin.

BandonBob 2011-03-15 12:55:13 -0500 Report

I know what you mean. I have a cousin who she and her husband had both lost their jobs. When she knew she was sick decided not to got to the doctor because she couldn't afford it. When she finally was so bad her husband took her to the ER because of what he saw her kidneys and liver had both gone into failure and she only lived 4 more days. This happened last month and she was only 43 and leaves her husband and son behind. Our medical care system stinks and I don't see it getting any better. I am sorry for your problems and wish I knew how to help you.

kittenpurr1 2011-03-16 00:30:55 -0500 Report

That is sooo sad. Med. Reps make good money. Doctors took an oath to help people, now it does seem to be all about the money with most of them.

cograndma 2011-03-15 15:03:08 -0500 Report

Obama care is worse that what we already have. I agree, the average working class person in this country should be able to afford their medicines..This is a sacrelidge…

jayabee52 2011-03-15 13:10:33 -0500 Report

I don't want to start a fight, yet I think our medical care system is fine, it's rather our system of paying for medical care that stinks IMHO.

BandonBob 2011-03-15 15:21:08 -0500 Report

Actually you are right. I should have put the blame where it belongs with the insurance companies and the government.

kittenpurr1 2011-03-16 00:35:04 -0500 Report

I know- ours is a $10,000.00 deductible, and co-pays don't count toward that. B-12 shots aren't covered at all. Doctors just shake their heads when they see this.
Insurance Companies are eating people alive, and enjoying it. They get all kinds of bonuses.

cograndma 2011-03-15 15:05:36 -0500 Report

I see where you are coming from, but it is the medicare/medicaid payment system that drives all the medical payers in this country and it really stinks!! the system was setup to be cumbersome and to be paid at the lowest possible reimbursement!!!

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