blood sugar coming down, yay!!

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Hey everyone, just wanted to say that my blood sugar finally is coming down. My doctor instructed me to for now, only worry about fasting bs. So that's all I have been checking until I get in to see him. There are several things that were different yesterday than today. Firstly I got a good night sleep. I went to bed at 9:30 and slept straight through. I'm also done with totm. Thank goodness. Also I have stopped stressing. Also, I was done eating for the night by 8:00 PM and a couple nights previously that's when I started eating dinner. I also did not take a nap in the middle of the day. Also was taking the cinamon and trying to watch how much bread and stuff I ate. So anyway yesterday my fbs was 217 and today it was 170. I know it's still high but it dropped 50 points. And that was after I cheated and had *gasp8 a chicken strip last night. I was just so hungry and Darrell had fixed them for the kids. But I also found the low carb yogourt and so now I can get my dairy for only four carbs and three grams of sugar. And not too shabby taste either. Actually, that yogourt tastes better than the yoplet that I liked, all except the peach. Peach is nasty but the other flavors taste like some kind of fancy dessert. I have noticed also that I didn't eat any bananas yesterday.

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pixsidust 2011-03-15 09:23:44 -0500 Report

Remember to always celebrate your success as you are doing here. I say wonderful! Good Job! Be your own best friend as well. You are getting your feet underneath you and you will get steadier as you go along. If you falter, be kind and see that moment as a chance to do better next time. We are constantly righting our course as we try to find our way to the best health possible for each of us. The upside is that your sugar is coming down. Also another upside is that you only ate just one when you were hungary for more! Congrats on that! Have your Sweetheart try to power cook, your own dinners. Maybe make a chicken breast, turkey burger, unbreaded fish, that you can pull out and microwave on short notice. Fat free melted cheese can be your friend on a veggie you are not overly fond of. Good Job Again! I bet you have a fabulous singing voice as well. I can almost hear the rich vibrant voice coming from your photo!

blindbluesmama 2011-03-15 09:59:43 -0500 Report

Hey Pikxy. I have been absolutely worried because I said you were a food fanatic. I know I said it before. But I didn't mean that to be a mean thing although it might have sounded that way, only to point out that right now, I am not being that good. Well maybe I *am* being better than I *was* but I do not know if I could ever be that strict and swometiems I have what I call blurt disease. But I seriously was not meaning you any insult. We have to learn to be very strict about what we eat and what we do not eat if we want to live good healthy lives and I do not want to get the appearance of biting the hands that feed me or give advice or whatever. Right now I have regular cheese and not fat free, but I have, in the past, before I knew I was diabetic, been able to lose weight and still eat things with higher fat as long as I really watched the serving size. I just cut it all up into block that would yield four cubges. Also I did try to work in a couple snacks, keeping in mind that a snack, by deffinition is smaller than a meal. Anyway, if you want to hear my voice to judge for yourself, you can go to or you could send me an email privately. It's a lot easier for me to reply to emails than to do this board and I certainly don't mind others knowing my address. It's small
Anyway you sound cool. Oh yes, Darrell and I made a pact that no matter what the blood sugar was this morning, we weren't going to yell at each other about it. I did notice that my totm is done and that made the blood sugar go way down. Well probably more likely a combination of that, a really good night sleep no nap in the middle of the day and watching what I eat and exercising. I figure it was also helpful that I didn't spend the whole day researching and reading and thinking about this problem. I played music and talked about things other than diabetes. It's also nice to know that bacon doesn't send it straight through the rough. Relax friends, it was only two pieces. But hey it was two pieces of normal bacon because what's the point of even eating it if you can't have the part that makes bacon awesome? I have also been eating saucage for the past few days and it's also nice to know that hasn't sent my blood sugar soaring. I'm curious how many carbs and sugar instant oatmeal has? Wonder if it's better to get the kind in the can that you cook? Darrell commented that my face looked so much better now that I had a full night rest. But I have a head ache this morning. Probably the hormones still leaving my body. I always notice migraines get worse before and after my period. But now I have a new worry. If I've had migraines since I was 13 and I'm used to those making me feel awful? How am I going to know which is just a migraine and which is high blood sugar? I really can't wait to get a talking meter. I do not like not being able to check it whenever I ought to.

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