Diet and Exercise March, 2011

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I have been slacking off this Month. I am going back to the way I was when I first came on here and started this Discussion. You are very welcome to post any thing you want to on here, I will answer each post again and I will be on here each Morning after Bill goes to Work, Mon thru Fri. I will be on here sometime during Sat. but won't be on line at all on Sundays.

Here are all of my numbers since the 1st of March.
Tues. 3/1 before Breakfast 136 Didn't check the rest of the Day.
Weds. 3/2 Before Breakfast 224 not so good but not over 250 either. Am working on staying below 200 as much as possible for now.

Thurs. 3/3 Before Breakfast 172 and before Supper 140 both good for today.
Friday 3/4 Before Breakfast 182 before Lunch 149 and before Supper 245 forgot to write down what caused it to go up.
on Sat. 3/5 After Supper it was 107
Sunday 3/6 Before Breakfast 166 and before Bed time 230
Now for this week so far
3/7 Before Breakfast 157 and before Supper 235
Tues 3/8 Before Breakfast 167
Weds. 3/9 Before Breakfast 173 and Before Supper 154
Thurs. 3/10 Before Breakfast 241
Friday 3/11 Before Breakfast 189 and at Bedtime 351 it shot up there bad Last night. I had cake and icecream for dessert can't do that again need to stick with my pickle bologna and crackers for my bedtime snack only.
Then this morning it was 191 again below 200 not much but still below.

My numbers are going to be jumping all over the Board again till I get a handle on losing my Favorite Uncle on the 1st. I just found out Yesterday as I have not been online in Facebook for almost a month now.

I am getting back to my quilting to get my mind off of Uncle Walt for awhile and then it will be better for me in a week or so, and I will have about 15-20 lap quilts to give away.
Thank you for listening to me rant. As soon as I find my Lab results again I will get them posted on here.
Your Friend Always;

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Edie 2011-04-25 07:49:26 -0500 Report

If I remember right it was just under 9 but we fought again to keep me off insulin till July 31, I am giving my self a real chance to lose the weight I need to and then go back on if my numbers don't come down on their own with the change of eatting pattern not what I eat but how much. I went back to the Calorie Diet and it is working better for me than the Carb Diet did.

I found when I plan my Meals with the Snacks after each one it is easier to put my snacks on the counter and in the Frig with time for Sanck on paper towel laid over snacks and then I have my napkin for my snacks too. I have lost over 20 pounds since Dec. If I am under 200 by July 31st and numbers not coming down I will go back on the insulin but not before.