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Diet can be a feared word, but almost nothing is more important than managing your diabetes with a well-planned diabetic diet. Talk with the other members of our diabetes diet forum and find out their experiences with different diabetes diets, how they've been improving their diabetic diets, and successfully managing their diabetes.

  • Diabetic website

    I found this site today with a lot of wonderful recipes as well as informative topics.http://www.actos.com/takeaction/home.aspx

    By ncnurse1459 1 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-19 06:01:48 -0500
  • Aspartame

    Trocho, C., et al., 1998. "Formaldehyde Derived From Dietary Aspartame Vinds to Tissue Components in vivo," Life Sciences, Vol. 63, No. 5, pp. 337+, 1998 "These are indeed extremely high levels for adducts of formaldehyde, a substance responsible for chronic deleterious effects that has also...

    By jupton1 39 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-04 02:25:46 -0500
  • other health issues

    I also have celiac disease. So now my diet if there is one is totally out of control. I was just recently diagnosed with it, so i am still adjusting. I have been diabetic for over 8 years now. Now i have to readjust my diet once again. Now i have to cut out wheat, barley, and rye.

    By lamorena 5 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-08 04:56:05 -0500
  • Me, My Family, and Seafood

    So, for most of my life, I have not been a fan of seafood. In fact, I have told so many people for so long that I HATE seafood that my children tell people (and actually believe) that they also HATE seafood. Well, thanks to some of the good and wise people on this site, I started reading more...

    John Crowley
    By John Crowley 13 Replies Latest Reply 2011-01-18 10:44:43 -0600
  • This is really good info on the health bennifit from Roses

    Wanted to share this with you all, Regina posted this for us in another forum I am a member of. Thought it was something to share. Dance The rose is such an amazing, healing plant! Rose is a broadly acting and gentle yet effective medicine that is both nourishing and enlivening. The...

    By Dancehawk 3 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-05 13:14:37 -0500
  • Camping Food?

    We're going camping this weekend. It seems that when we're in the great outdoors we tend to have more issues with high blood sugars. Does anyone have good suggestions for camping/outdoor meals that are low carb? Just wondering

    John Crowley
    By John Crowley 5 Replies Latest Reply 2008-06-09 11:51:00 -0500
  • No Silver bullet

    As I read discussions I see a common thread among type 2 diabetics. Will ____________ (fill in the blank) control my blood glucose? It has been my experience that there is no one thing that going to get us well controlled rather it is a combination of several things. It is my opinion when...

    By Toma 2 Replies Latest Reply 2009-08-18 19:16:36 -0500
  • Putting Links and Pictures in Discussions

    I would love it if we had a way to put in links and picture into our discussions, recipes, product reviews etc. I have a lot of recipes with the nutritional on a label like you find on packages of food. I would love to be able to include that with my recipe or a picture of my recipe would be...

    By BrookeT 2 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-09 06:40:32 -0500
  • How to Manage Diabetes Better?

    Considering the cost of diabetes testing, and other supplies needed for dealing with Diabetes, what else can we do? What else can we do, well, we could try all the things we can think of to do to control this disease. What about exercise? Are you exercising? Not just daily movements, but...

    Betty Jo Petty
    By Betty Jo Petty 5 Replies Latest Reply 2008-07-05 12:36:00 -0500
  • Meal Planning

    Hi: Who has a good meal plan out there? I really suck at meal planning partically because I never have been good at it and the other reason is I am on a extremely limited to no budget for food. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks Abiding

    By abidinginGodscall 4 Replies Latest Reply 2008-05-13 13:31:14 -0500