Truvia vs Splenda

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Can someone explain the difference to me regarding Truvia vs Splenda? I have heard Truvia has less effect on diabetics than Splenda for sweet craves.

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lalsingh 2016-06-10 05:22:46 -0500 Report

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I_Fortuna 2014-04-27 12:54:45 -0500 Report

I am T2 and have used Splenda for years with no adverse effects. In addition, it does not raise my BG. I used stevia years ago before it was processed into crystals. I liked it but, like everything else, it needs to be made so it will dissolve in liquid which I had a hard time doing with it in the natural state.
I recently came cross Swerve, another sugar sub but made from fruit. It is expensive but very good and leaves no aftertaste. Nectresse is good and very sweet, only a little is needed.
Some people are concerned that chlorine is used to process Splenda but it contains only 5%. Our drinking water, even filtered contains much more chlorine I believe. I have never had a problem. However, we drink probiotic homemade kefir everyday for our digestive systems. Kefir has about 3 times the probiotics that yorgurt has and is easier to make at home.

jayabee52 2014-04-27 16:41:57 -0500 Report

Re Splenda (sucralose): That 5% of chlorine is enough to give me explosive diaharrea if I drink 2 cans of soda sweetened with it or eat something else sweetened with sucralose. NOT a pretty picture. I think there is more going on with sucralose that the substitution of three of the hydroxyl groups with chlorine than may be first apparent and may not affect one like this when the chlorine is consumed with water. (BTW I drink filtered water which removes the Chlorine)

GENE65 2014-03-05 02:50:05 -0600 Report

I have tried all of the sugar substitutes, even Truvia, and I found that Stevia Extract has them all beat. There is very little or no after taste, I use it in my Coffee, Sweet Tea, cook with it. I no longer buy sugar. It's great for Type 2 Diabetics.

craftydebbie 2014-03-02 20:37:31 -0600 Report

I have tried Splenda, Sweet-n-low, and Equal. I hated them, and they are bad for you. Anything that contains aspartame is bad for you. I tried Truvia, and it tastes a little sweeter than sugar, but it had no after taste. My boyfriend, a sweets-a-holic, loves his SWEET tea, and said he'll never like Truvia. Well, instead of making a full pitcher of sweetened tea, he just left it plain. When he wanted a glass of tea, he added 2-3 tsp. of Truvia…that was way too sweet. So he did some reading and measuring til he got the "formula" right for his gallon of tea. Instead of 1 1/2 cups of sugar, he went down to 3/4 cups of sugar. Now he uses 7 Tbsp. of Truvia. And he has a fit if he runs out of Truvia. LOL!!! He even has a fit if he has to use regular sugar on anything. I am slowly getting him on track, because I have type 2 diabetes and take a pill 2x a day, and he just had a cancerous tumor removed off his right kidney. So yea, we both need to eat right. We quit smoking together over a year ago, and now we are trying to better our eating habits and lose weight together. Anyways, We choose Truvia, and it has not increased our hunger for sweets. In fact, it has decreased it. But, as long as I'm on a diet I will not buy low fat, low calorie foods—-99% contain aspartame. It is known to cause mental health issues, like Alzheimers, and also MS. And I certainly will not drink diet drinks!! They are bad for you, and if a diabetic, it's even worse for you.
Just repeating what I have read from several different issues on health care. But, it's your choice what you want to use. Everyone's taste buds are different.

TastyTrish 2014-02-27 14:25:24 -0600 Report

Thank you for the explanation, Amteser. I have a packet of Xylosweet in my purse now. But I haven't even used any Xylitol at all yet. I've just read a lot about it. And how is your family member's teeth and gums? I hear that Xylitol actually prevents tooth decay.

GabbyPA 2014-02-27 14:28:33 -0600 Report

I have used xylitol and I do like it. It is just too expensive for me and used to only come in bulk. I see you say you have a packet, so maybe I will look into that again. Generally, xylitol is used in toothpastes for kids to give it a palatable taste and not promote tooth decay. I can only get it at my health food store. I wish my grocer would carry it, I might like that option.

TastyTrish 2014-02-28 12:31:20 -0600 Report

Yes, I actually used it this morning in my oatmeal. It was very good! Tastes just like sugar! Xylosweet is the name of the packets.

jayabee52 2014-02-28 03:23:53 -0600 Report

Gabby, take a look at this ~ Packets are sold there down on the lower left of the page.

GabbyPA 2014-02-28 08:36:54 -0600 Report

Thanks. That is great and the price is not too bad. I am going to my local health food store today so I will see what they are selling now. I have not looked in so long at sweeteners, they may have it now. They used to just sell it in 1pound bulk bags.

amteser 2014-02-27 12:17:18 -0600 Report

Xylitol is a natural sugar. Nothing chemical or artificial is added to it. It has fewer calories than regular table sugar, and has a very low glycemic index, so it doesn't affect blood glucose as much as table sugar does. It can be used in cooking and baking, one for one, in place of table sugar. It tastes like table sugar; it is possibly slightly sweeter. I have been using a product called Xylosweet in place of table sugar for almost 10 years, since a family member was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. You can buy it at health food stores and on-line

Dandelion49 2014-02-26 19:22:37 -0600 Report

Thanks to all those you provided feed back. As one on you stated diabeties is complicated and I guess everyone has different affects with artificial sweeteners. At least I can tell my husband he isn't alone and to maybe try something else other than Splenda. I do fine on it and don't seem to have any problems with other artificial sweeteners. thanks again

hagar2935 2014-02-26 15:46:21 -0600 Report

I have tried all three and prefer Splenda. Truvia and Stevia give me a bitter aftertaste that is just downright unpleasant. I actually prefer to use a very tiny amount of "raw" sugar or honey as a sweetener in most cases as I do not need much sweetness in my foods.

jayabee52 2014-02-26 16:04:42 -0600 Report

Howdy Hagar!
As I have learned of the dangers of Splenda (sucralose) I will not touch the stuff. If I need to sweeten something I use a product called Whey Low® ~ It is a blend of natural sugars, Lactose and Fructose 100% Natural Tastes Exactly like Sugar… 75% fewer Calories than sugar 70-80% lower Glycemic Index than sugar Only 1 Effective Carb per Serving One-for-one replacement for sugar in ALL food applications.

I happened across this somewhere in DC when I was searching for a sweetener my wife "Jem" could "stomach" she had digestive problems, and this one she could. So we bought about 20 lbs of it. However she passed before we got through even one bag so I still have a lot left as I pretty much only drink filtered water anymore due to my kidney dialysis,

God's best to you and yours

TastyTrish 2014-02-26 08:26:37 -0600 Report

Nick Pineault, a somewhat well-known Canadian nutritionist who provides an e-mailed newsletter writes about this issue of artifical sweeteners. Agave is like pure sugar and worse, the mfg company adds High Fructose Corn Syrup to it before bottling. I believe you can still buy Stevia root (looks a little like ginger root) at Whole Foods…totally natural as grown in the ground. It's 7x sweeter than cane sugar, but you can slice bits of it off the root and use it in beverages and other foods. I was using Splenda Blend to bake with, but now I have nothing to bake with. Any suggestions for baking? I cannot use honey.

BeautifulJewels 2014-02-26 16:05:05 -0600 Report

Pure agave is just that. There are many agave brands that also have HFCs added. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation about Agave. It is nothing like pure sugar nor is it dangerous. You have to know the manufacturers and products. Agave is not yet approved for diabetics. You would need to monitor your blood glucose levels to learn how agave affects you personally. Agave has been being aligned with HFCs due to , well, basically, big business. Agave is a slow rise in blood sugar. Agave is processed as is Stevia once it is no longer in leaf form.Stevia is minimally processed and has an aftertaste. Agave is more processed but that depends on the manufacturer. It comes from a blue cactus

jayabee52 2014-02-26 16:17:25 -0600 Report

actualy not a cactus You can find images of many types of agave plants here ~

TastyTrish 2014-02-27 14:29:53 -0600 Report

Actually, it IS in the cactus family known as succulents. The plants absorb water when available, but can go for long periods without water. I am growing Agave now.

jayabee52 2014-02-27 21:30:35 -0600 Report

Trish, i was thinking of the barrel cactus or the ones with the flat pads on them. (can't remember the name now)

Are you thinking of trying to make your own syrup or even tequila?

I_Fortuna 2014-04-27 13:34:50 -0500 Report
This is a saguaro, no flat pads.
Prickly pear cactus has the flat pads and prickly pear. It is supposed to be a supplement for diabetics. Not sure about that. Texas has literally tons of it. The wild boar and other animals love it.
But, just because something is natural doesn't mean it is good for you or o.k. Shellfish is natural but can kill and allergic person. I think we should not make blanket statements about what is safe because we just dont know how some foods affect everyone.

GabbyPA 2014-02-26 15:51:53 -0600 Report

Actually you consume the leaf of the stevia plant, not the root. I have grown it and find that the natural leaf is nice, but the stevia powder from the stores does leave an after taste. I use Truvia now and still keep natural sugars such as cane or turbinado in my pantry. I am going to start bee keeping this year, so maybe even some of my own honey soon.

TastyTrish 2014-02-26 16:00:01 -0600 Report

Interesting! Actually, they use the whole plant. But the leaf is tender and nice in teas & coffees. I promise you they sold the root in Whole Foods in the 80's. I had them grind it up. I'd love to know where you are, because I would buy your raw honey!!

TastyTrish 2014-02-26 08:12:45 -0600 Report

OK, not so fast everyone. I prefer the taste of Splenda too, but I'm not about to sacrifice my life for it. Thanks to all the research recently, it's now been found that Splenda is not healthy at all…can CAUSE diabetes, heart disease, and even Cancer. I am switching to Xylitol. (Stevia, although completely natural, leaves a bitter aftertaste.)

Anonymous 2014-02-24 23:45:21 -0600 Report

Truvia is not Stevia. Truvia HAS Stevia in it but it contains other ingredients. Stevia is a plant. If you grow it, you just take a leaf and dip it in your beverage to sit for a bit. It does have an aftertaste. Stevia has to be transformed from the leaf to a powder. The processing is minimal and not considered a processed sugar.
Stevia has a lot of good science-based research behind it. Research never really ends. I am unfamiliar with negative side effects of pure Stevia. I will research this from current and reputable sources. I am DTR. ( Dietetic Technician, Registered)
The artifical sweeteners are ultimately 'foreign' to our bodies. The body does not recognize it because it is not a food source. When it comes to artificial sweeteners and diabetes, that is your choice to do as you wish. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is stay to the whole food source in its whole form (fruits, greens, herbs, veggies, whole grains…) everybody responds to foods, medicines, illnesses…differently. If you know something is not good for you, don't do it! Otherwise, make the best choice you can and keep educating yourself.

Dandelion49 2014-02-25 19:52:49 -0600 Report

Because you are very familar with diabetic foods, can you help varify if Splenda can cause irritation in the stomach and intestines? My husband is a diabetic and uses Splenda. He has been having increased gastric intestinal problems and after a number of tests all the Dr. can conclude is that he has inflamation but meds prescribed don't work. Recently we saw several articles on the web of Splenda causing these symptoms. It doesn't seem to bother me. Have you heard of this or have you come accross others with similar problems? thank you

I_Fortuna 2014-04-27 13:21:11 -0500 Report

There are a lot of things that can cause digestive upset. Foods with gluten can cause bloating and diarrhea even if the person does not have celiac autoimmue disease. 1 in 105 people are reported to not have been diagnosed. Some people may just be sensitive to it.
Another culprit is phytic acid or phytates. Phytic acid is in all vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans or legumes. The only ways to remove it are through soaking for a long periods of time, at least 12 to 14 hours and cooking well.
Gluten can be broken down by fermenting (proofing) your bread dough for an extended period. I proof for 10 to 15 hours. I make it overnight and let it proof until I am ready to use it in the late afternoon or evening.
If gluten is not broken down it can not only cause digestive problems, it can block vital nutrients especially calcium. If phytic acid is not removed vital nutrients are also blocked.
Another problem, I have found is that many people have a magnesium deficiency. There is no blood test to check this as magnesium remains at the cellular level and only one percentis in the blood. We use ionic magnesium that is better asorbed and does not cause bowel movements in the recommended amount. There is also transdermal magnesium that is absorbed through the skin. We sleep and feel better with more energy and magnesium helps us absorb our D3 and calcium as well as other nutrients.
There are over 300 processes in the body dependent on magnesium and it effects every organ in the body. You might check with your licensed professional about this. Also, there is a test for celiac autoimmune disease regarding gluten.

I_Fortuna 2014-04-27 13:37:50 -0500 Report

Also, ask your doctor about yogurt or kefir. I make these at home for digestive health. It may take awhile for it to benefit and "heal" the gut. I make kefir and yogurt at home. Kefir is easy.

BeautifulJewels 2014-02-25 22:26:38 -0600 Report

I personally do not use artifical sweeteners. In as much as in my control and is affordable, I eat and drink foods in their natural forms or direct derivatives. I personally would not encourage anyone to use artificial sweeteners. However, I have a responsibility to offer you all the information and allow you to choose to move forward as you wish. Just think of it like this, when you take medication, it may help the medical issue it is prescribed for but there are side effects. Side effects can create other medical problems. Again, look into real aloe vera for your husband. GNC sells it, health food store, some large super markets do, you can buy it online…But make sure to inform your dr in case there are food interaction. lastly, please know that a LOT of the research and information EASILY found is funded by companies and organizations out to make a dollar. Safety is a real issue but as previously noted, some diabetics feel that their diabetes will do them in long before the negative affects of these artificial anythings will. It is your right to live as you wish.

BeautifulJewels 2014-02-25 22:01:59 -0600 Report

Yes Dandelion, any food especially in this example, artificial sweeteners (Splenda) can cause a whole host of side effects. Some common ones are head aches, nausea, diarrhea…I personally, cannot tolerate any of the artificial sweeteners. I do not care for the taste of Stevia. I use agave. I know I commented on a post of someone here stating their information was inaccurate. I think what I should have communicated instead is that diabetes is a very complex disease. Our bodies are very complex. I may not tolerate an item well but you may! One food item might make my blood sugar rise but that same item does not have that effect on you. I am being 1 million % sincere when I say that health care including nutrition is very individual. Western medicine knows this now. However, not all western medicine has embraced this. Ultimately, the best thing ANY of us can do is eat natural foods and organic. Pretty much all the earth on Earth has been exposed to chemicals be default. But truly organic has nearly no chemicals or is still virgin (chemical Free) Again, this is a bit complicated. Please know that no one person is right or wrong. My best suggestion (and I am in my 40's; a care taker of my elderly father and my mom passed at an early age of diabetes complications, and I am an adult student furthering my degree) -my best suggestion based on many years of somehow being involved in both holistic and western medicine, is to research, try foods out on your own, try alternative testing like spit tests where these can show you if you tendencies of your body's status such as hormones, insulin resistance, inability to tolerate gluten or wheat or peanuts etc.) You should include at least your family dr BECAUSE IF something happens to you, your dr know what your eating, taking, practicing etc. They then know how best to help you in a crisis. Chemistry is quite complicated. Whether your body absorbs these chemicals or they pass through still misses the point that you are making your body do work it is not built to do. Your (our bodies) body is not built to break down these foreign substances. However, some diabetics feel strongly that their diabetes will destroy them long before the negative and destructive effects of an artificial sweetener's will. No one has the right to tell you how to live, take your choices away etc. I just encourage all to please care about yourselves enough to even make one small change at a time. For the most part, there is no one food ANY diabetic can NEVER have (minus some other medical condition that prohibits a food or medicine). As redundant as this sounds and is, moderation, monitoring and portion sizes are so important as well as exercise. Heck, you can exercise in your chair while you watch tv! You don't have to join a gym. I would never want any one person to have to suffer like my mom did. Medicine, holistic or western, can only do so much. Diabetes effect every single part of your body. So, please take this into consideration. When you DO do something that eh hem, ( you are told) you 'should', pat yourself on the back. Reward yourself. Acknowledge your effort. Focus on what is working for you instead of the shoulda, woulda, coulda. No one benefits from that. It is counter productive no matter how well intended. If you are educated enough to know the train wreck coming your way and you opt to let the train hit you, that is your choice. If you opt to minimize or even reverse your diabetes (which is actually just in remission), you are sparing yourself from unnecessary, untreatable, suffering to say the least. bear in mind how much of a toll you (our) choices have on our loved ones as well. You are not the only one being affected. As a final note, to date in scientific studies thus far, genetics plays a certain role for each person as well. Some people can do "all the right things" and still pull the whammy card. There is so much we don't know until we do. I hope that makes sense to you.

Also, my best advice AFTER YOU ASK YOUR doctor, pharmacist, endocrinologist…if it is ok to for you take this, please consider having your hsuband drink aloe. No, do not go buy and aloe plant and eat it! There is bottled aloe. I recommend getting the flavored version instead of traditional unless you like the taste of plants (like grasses and such). Some are unsweetened (the flavored ones) and others have stevia or some other sweetener. the flavor is tolerable. Drinking aloe has been proven to heal your stomach and parts of the digestive system for GENERAL issues. It would be wrong for me to say it can heal anything. That is not true and it is irresponsible. For some reason too, there is a link between gluten and food allergies and diabetes. If you and your husband were to opt to eat gluten free, please note a LOT of gluten free foods on the market now are NOT healthy! It is unfortunate and a heavy burden but we each must read, read, read, research, test, taste, try…I hope this helps? I hope I said things in the right way?

jayabee52 2014-02-25 21:11:36 -0600 Report

Yes Spenda (sucralose) can cause many problems. Please check this out ~
God's best to you and yours

I_Fortuna 2014-04-27 12:58:21 -0500 Report

Since, Dr. Mercola sells several products and has an agenda, I don't believe some of what he states unless it is supported by peer reviews or substantiated by reputable clinical or universities that have no agenda. I would not depend on him as the sole authority in health or healthy products.

jimjenmiller 2014-02-24 23:44:40 -0600 Report

Well I haven't really experimented much with any of them I read a lot about diabetes and trying to control it. I am slowly getting that control with overall healthier eating. Eating closer to the ground, more natural, very much less processed. I have learned that diabetes is carb intolerant period. I don't promote any particular diet or sweetener. You do what works best for you. We all have different individual needs and what works for me and what I prefer may not be for you. I have read Diabetes Without Drugs by Suzy Cohen and The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman. I've gleaned a lot of info from those but do not necessarily follow anything totally. I also belong to and have gotten tons of awesome info and advice from their diabetes message boards. Hope this is helpful information. God Bless you all.

amteser 2014-02-24 22:39:32 -0600 Report

You all realized that Splenda is sweetened chlorine. Why would anyone use that.

Narg 2014-02-25 15:13:30 -0600 Report

No, it's not. Splenda is sucrose (table sugar) where some of the hydrogen-oxygen molecules have been replaced by chlorine molecules producing a new molecule altogether. It's not chlorine, not even close. Chemistry is not quite that simple. It's also 95% dextrose and maltodextrin. Plus its the only artificial sweetener that can handle cooking temps, so it's great for cooking.

BeautifulJewels 2014-02-25 22:06:32 -0600 Report

Narg, first let me apologize if I offended you when I did not agree with some of your information. Your knowledge of chemistry is good. It is not that simple though. There are many more elements involved in this equation than straight forward chemistry. So, from a chemist's point of view, your information tends to be accurate but in application it is not. Again, please do not be upset at me if I did not word this just quite right. It is so important that we do not frighten each other into thinking if you eat this your will die. If you eat that, you will die. If you…you will die. The are pros and cons to everything and what is one persona's salvation is another person's poison. So, I apologize if you do not agree. I accept your position from a chemistry point of view or a chemist's point of view. It truly is not straight forward like this or simple. Thank you for your input.

TopazDee 2014-02-25 13:24:23 -0600 Report

Here in the UK Splenda is the only sweetener that comes in granules to cook with and it doesn't have an after taste.
Just checked on box says it contains Maltodextrine, will google it to see what comes up.

JoanO 2014-02-24 22:39:21 -0600 Report

I use Splenda for everything. Raw honey, Truvia and Stevia aren't alternatives for me as I can't find them in my store.

BeautifulJewels 2014-02-25 22:08:36 -0600 Report

Joan O is a good example to support what I am saying. Some diabetics CAN tolerate honey, raw honey, Stevia, Agave, etc. Some cannot. Some CAN tolerate Equal, Splenda etc. Others get deathly ill

jayabee52 2014-02-26 16:34:05 -0600 Report

that is not what she said BJ, what she said is "I use Splenda for everything" And that she can NOT find raw honey, Truvia and stevia in her store.

dodimanka 2014-02-24 22:21:01 -0600 Report

Haven't read all the comments here, but I don't want to use either of these anymore. Something that may help because I did see people with diabetes asking what to use then. I've recently been trying PURE Raw & Unfiltered Honey. It seems to be working for me and not effecting my sugars. Here's what I had read, "Honey stabilizes blood sugar levels. Due to the way honey is metabolized and stored in the liver as glycogen, it provides a primary energy source for the brain, kidneys and red blood cells at times when demands are high (such as during exercise) or blood glucose is low (for instance, during sleep). Also, because honey does not stimulate as rapid a release of insulin as other sugars do, it is the “sweetener of choice for people with diabetes,” said Dr. Fessenden.

Would love to hear what others think who have tried it.

GabbyPA 2014-02-26 15:56:25 -0600 Report

That is very interesting. Do you have any links to your "readings"? I would like to check them out. I will be starting to bee keep this year and want to see if my bees will be my best friends.

jayabee52 2014-02-25 16:41:05 -0600 Report

Howdy Dodi
I was a beekeeper when I was younger ( much younger than I was when I deveolped my Type 2) and was at that time sold on honey for use in the general population, but not with diabetes, not so much.

You may wish to read this from the Mayo clinic on the use of honey as a sweetener for use with diabetes ~ and also this from Livestrong ~ or even this ~

Honey is primariy fructose, and while fructose does raise one's Blood Glucose (BG aka "sugar") levels more slowly than table sugar or white bread but it DOES raise them.

What Dr Fessenden says about honey is great for people without diabetes, but I believe (from what my experience has been and from reading the links I provided above that while it may be a bit better than table sugar, it is not an ideal choice for PWDs as far as sweeteners go.

God's best
James Baker

jenswan 2014-02-24 19:47:04 -0600 Report

Truvia is stevia + erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol — the one sugar alcohol that creates the fewest problems for people. Most have no intestinal problems from it. That said, erythritol is available, too, and works well in combination with stevia. There is also a product called Swerve which is made with a vegetable fiber sweetener.

eberrios343 2014-02-24 19:26:37 -0600 Report

I have to agree with exotec i use sucralose it taste great just like sugar. This is the only one i use and it doesn't spike my blood sugar at all.

Headdoc 2014-02-24 18:23:29 -0600 Report

Interesting that people are saying that one of those two doesn't effect blood glu levels. Both of those products affect me just like regular table sugar -

BeautifulJewels 2014-02-25 22:15:05 -0600 Report

Unfortunately Headdoc, this is trial and error. What effects one person's sugar negatively does not for another. It is quite complicated and very individual with regard to outcomes. Splenda(?) does not work for you. So don't use it. There are so many other choices: Xylitol, raw honey, PURE Stevia; other artificial sweeteners…You must listen to your own body and do what is best for you

Type1Lou 2014-02-24 16:38:19 -0600 Report

Truvia is derived from the plant Stevia. Do not equate Truvia with Stevia; Truvia is a chemically altered product, as is Splenda. I, personally prefer the taste of Splenda over Truvia.

jimjenmiller 2014-02-24 14:04:34 -0600 Report

My understanding is that you can get stevia extract (either powdered or liquid) at health food stores etc but it must be packaged specifically that way and can't be sold with sweeteners in that section. It is a derivative mixed with some sugar or splenda or something (truvia). The true extract is not approved for mass sale. Stevia is supposed to have no impact on blood sugar. It does have a different aftertaste but not horrible. Most of the artificial and sugar derivatives have some sort of negative impact on your GI system plus they as re tricking your body into thinking it's getting sugar when it's not and can cause you to have even worse cravings.

jenugen 2014-02-24 13:50:10 -0600 Report

I prefer splenda over stevia. The taste is so much better and really doesn't make me crave sweets. I have also tried monk fruit sweetners, But it is more expensive. The taste is great, a lot sweeter so I use less.

TastyTrish 2014-02-24 12:52:06 -0600 Report

Stevia is an all-natural sweetener, while Splenda is a chemical sweetener. Stevia is better for your health, but it's got a bitter aftertaste because of current mfg. recipe. I used to buy Stevia root at Whole Foods in the 80's. Actually, Xyletol is the best for your health because it's not only all-natural, but it has very good side effects as it protects your mouth/teeth from decay!! I use Truvia most often but I don't like it in iced tea at all…it has an unusual aftertaste. Splenda is ok for baked goods, however. It does not raise my blood sugar one bit!! DO NOT USE AGAVE NECTAR because it's murder on blood sugar and it's GMO to boot!!! AGAVE NECTAR IS NOT HEALTHY!!! Very very sweet!

BeautifulJewels 2014-02-24 23:54:42 -0600 Report

Pure agave is safe but still being studied. A lot of agave has HFC added to it and may not be listed as an ingredient. It has not been proven to be safe for diabetics. There is not enough definive information. Agave, pure agave, releases sugar slowly. But for intents and purposes, just opt not to use it for now if your diabetic unless your doctor follows you to monitor you and he/she approves

exotec 2014-02-24 11:43:10 -0600 Report

Our prescribed (Rx) diet only permits us sucralose. I've tried stevia, but it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste in its processed form. If I had a good place to grow any, I think I'd try the fresh or dried natural form.

I won't touch any of the other artificials, especially aspartame. The sucralose doesn't seem to give us any troubles. Sugar alcohols can cause some pretty unpleasant side effects, too!

GabbyPA 2014-02-02 11:25:25 -0600 Report

Here is a discussion that links to a comparison of sweeteners by WebMD. It's very good. and might help you choose based on more facts.

alfie mae
alfie mae 2014-02-05 19:23:40 -0600 Report

I was so happy when Splenda came out because it was suppose to keep the sweetness in whatever you heated, which Equal and Sweet n Low did not do. Now that 'natural,' not 'chemical', sweeteners are out such as Truvia and Stevia, our choices are even better. Personally, I choose Stevia (my taste buds think it's sweeter). I also use Agave nectar, usually in my tea.

jigsaw 2014-02-01 14:57:01 -0600 Report

Stevia has been used as a sweetener in some countries for hundreds of years, without adverse effects. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe Stevia has been used in Japan for many years. It is basically a plant based sweetener that is natural. Unfortunately, most brands mix it with maltodextrin, so it's difficult to find it in it's pure form.
Just came accross this link:

D1965 2014-01-29 20:32:34 -0600 Report

My Dr. specifically told me to only use Splenda and only buy presweetened foods that are sweetened with Splenda. She made no exceptions in her statement save one which was to give up sugar and sweeteners all together.

Anonymous 2014-02-25 00:08:05 -0600 Report

I do not know if your doctor is up to date on all this infirmation, nor do I know what type of dr you are referring to. Family doctors generally are not well educated in nutrition beyond the basics. Some opt to educate themselves further. Any drs choice for suggesting a person take one route instead of the other can be due to the uniqueness of you. If you choose foods that aren't in your best interest, your dr may say only eat this. If you have mitigating health circumstances or conditions, your dr may say just use this. As Gabby noted, many drs are not up to date and educated well enough in these things. I don't doubt your dr is looking out for your best interest. Just research, read, ask experts …listen to your body. Note how your body responds to foods and other ingested alternatives. If you are comfortable with using Splenda that is your right to do so. I opt to eat real food in its whole form only altered by cooking in my own home by me. Please don't frighten yourself with all this conflicting information. If your diabetes is stable, being monitored and such, that is what is most important

GabbyPA 2014-02-01 11:46:28 -0600 Report

Many doctors are not aware of natural alternative sweeteners. Yes, Splenda is better than Neutra Sweet or Equal, but I would choose Stevia over any of those.

jayabee52 2014-02-26 18:01:04 -0600 Report

Gabby I sincerely doubt that Slenda (sucralose) is better than those others. They are all chemically altered or pure chemicals themselves. In my mind I place them in the same category "chemical sweeteners"

Narg 2013-04-17 09:43:47 -0500 Report

Sweet tastes all have a "craving" affect due to the way we're made. It's a normal thing. One very important thing that we all have to realize is that if you look in the past at artificial sweeteners, you'll see that every time a "negative report" comes out about any particular sweetener, immediately there is a new sweetener on the market. Coincidental? I don't think so. All of these "studies" are made from money given to researchers from the new sweetener companies. They are all just scare tactics, made to make consumers switch to the new sweetener.

Bottom line, use whatever you like the taste of. But as with anything use in moderation. The human body can take a lot of bad and handle it just fine. We as diabetics prove that every day, with the addition of foreign insulin into our bodies. Sweeteners should be the least of your worries.

Ronp 2013-04-05 16:37:33 -0500 Report

We (wife & I) have tried both Truvia & Stevia . . . yuk! We have used no sugar (me) and Splenda (her) but, are not satisfied. Some of these comments are rather scarey. I understand that aspartame breaks down in the body as formeldehyde. If that is true, how sad that it is in our food and drink products! Thanks for all of the input. I guess that I will have to look deeper into product analysis in the future.

Narg 2013-04-17 09:38:58 -0500 Report

The amount of formaldehyde produced is extremely tiny compared to other toxins that may be in your body at any given moment. That report was more of a scare tactic by the makers of newer sweeteners to get you to switch.

jayabee52 2014-02-26 18:04:04 -0600 Report

Narg, Why add to the toxic load of one's body? Safer to avoid those products completely.

Narg 2014-02-28 12:05:33 -0600 Report

You do realize that Methane is toxic too right? Yet the body produces it from everything we eat. All I'm saying is that you are reading too much into a little issue.

You should also read on Dihydrogen Monoxide :)

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