Like "This is a great video for everyone to see. I did not know that the doctor should be checking my feet with the instrument that checks if your feet are going numb or not. I kept telling my doctor that I was feeling tingling and small stabbing pains in my feet every so often. He replied that it can be fixed when and if it gets worse. 7 or so years of this, I had a four surgeries and at the end my feet were 10 times worse. I stopped smoking and within a week I was climbing the walls because nothing I did would stop the pain in my feet. I went to my doctor again he checked my feet for the first time gave me a 1mg of gabapenten and set a appointment for a neurologist. Two weeks later and almost insane from the pain the neurologist puts me on 2800mg of gabapenten. YES I got rid of the so called doctor that never tested my feet until the end. It was one of the first of rude awakenings that there are some good and some bad in every aspect of people you know and meet. Make sure your feet are tested and looked at. I can no longer work and the neuropathy is now in my hands. And yes my A1C in normal."