Like "Again, this website does not get the point of diabetes. If you have diabetes that means NO carbs and NO sugars. One of the things I am most concerned about is the number of ads from mega pharma cos. That is an inherent conflict of interest (say you CAN eat some carbs and sugars, and then sell you more drugs to "fix" that.) In any case, the recipe is fine as long as you do not include the beans or potatoes. Beans and potatoes are a huge no no for diabetics. Potatoes have 30+ gr of carbs in a med potatoes, and beans avg 32 gr in a cup. Forget it. And please, no "fat free" anything. That is usu. equated with carbs and artificial food products. I have no idea what "fat free" cream is, but it has a huge list of ingredients on most of those cartons and I think it keeps a year or more and you can use it to wax your car or floor. Avoid that. Besides the fact it tastes horrid. And do we really need a discussion about sausage? It's made from leftover meats that would be thrown away and usu. contains preservatives and MSG. I love the stuff, but keep it to a minimum in recipes and substitute ground sirloin, chicken or turkey breast. Make sure the pkg mentions the type of meat or ground meat may be "left overs." The serving size of 10 looks amazingly skimpy, probably to help hide the large carb content. It looks more like about 2 to 4, and the recipe is quite light on protein. You body has a huge amount of protein in it and much needs to be replenished daily. Unlike a cow with 3 stomachs we don't make proteins. So, .25 to .5 lb of sausage is fine (get organic, MSG type seasonings free), and I'd add another .5 lb of meat, esp. if you're serving men or kids 6 to 18, and the recipe should serve about 4 for 2 lbs of protein total. Enough said Low carb veggies, leafy green veggies, are all fine. Also, home made chicken stock is preferred because it is more nutritional and you know what is in it. Soup mfgrs will say "spices" when the spices they buy might contain MSG and other soy processed flavorings which are not good."