Like "I haven't tried this yet, but will soon since I love cheese and my non-diabetic husband loves casseroles. In reading some of the negative comments given below, I feel I should clarify that the recipes available in this site are submitted by site members and are not "vetted" by nutritionists. I would also like to state that, IMO (as a Type 1 dx'd in 1976) that even now, much of the mainstream medical community fails to espouse a lower carb (higher fat) diet for managing diabetes. My own PCP continues to badger me to follow a low-fat diet...even though, the fats I eat are the healthier ones and my diabetes is considered to be well-controlled. I participated in a diabetes management workshop last winter where the suggested amount of carbs for good diabetes management was much too high while their recommended fat allowance was too low based on the diet I have been following. We all have to determine what is appropriate for us, individually. Some of the recipes posted here provide "healthier" alternatives for some of the favorite dishes we previously indulged in."