Like "These spring rolls taste so fresh and delicious. The avacado and cilantro add unique bursts of flavor you'd never get from store bought wraps. It's hard to eat right with diabetes, but when you have tasty recipes like this to choose from it makes things so much easier!!! 12 years ago when I was diagnosed with diabetes I didn't know how much of an impact it would have on my life... I'd pay over $5000/year in supply costs.. I was worried sick my children may not develop normally, I'd always be worrying about the possible future complications.. I'd find it hard to stay motivated to continue treatment. My friend told me about a Doctor she saw on Oprah.. she said the Doctor created a program on how to reverse diabetes, I found it at I'm frickin tired of worrying about syringes, pens, lancets, pump sets, blood work, IV's so I've been giving it a try... Results so far: My fasting blood sugars were 230-250 range, three weeks after following the program I'm in the 120s.. I'm hoping to get into the 70s and stay there for good. Everything is coming into normal ranges but I think I'll always be diabetic for life. If I don't follow the protocol I'll go back to my old numbers right? Has anyone else tried the program? If so how did it work for you I'd really like to hear.. Thanks so much! "