Like "You are welcome. Someone dropped a line and now I cannot find it. They asked me how much sauce. Sorry but I don't measure....Some like their pasta very wet some do not. I put sauce on the bottom before layering.....just enough to wet the bottom of the pan. Then on each layer of noodles. You can make your own, use jars if it is healthy for you. Remember portion and sodium control. I find store brands are not bad and have lower sodium content than the fancy brands. You can also make your own in a crock pot and add your own garlic etc. Maybe I will put a recipe together for that. This way YOU control what is in it. Becoming a label reader since becoming a diabetic in July has made me want to make more things myself. I am horrified at what I use to put in mouth nutrition-wise. Did I love the stuff? ABSOLUTELY but I love health more. We are adults and know what we need to do about portion and what is in something. I game you a basic and if you are like me you will probably play with the recipe LOL. PS Mrs Dash has become on of my best friends."