Like "Hi, yes, Dreamfields was made for us :-) Mom used the real spinach I shortcut. It is blended into the ricotta so droopy doesn't matter. Now I thaw and drain and squeeze all the liquid out so it is pretty dry by the time I add it to the blend. Like any recipe you can make this your own. This is just my version. People will add meats or whatever. I am trying to watch my BS and BP as well as lose weight. Yesterday I found out that my BS has gone from 200 end of July to 94 as of yesterday. My BP has gone from 180/101 to 113/61 and I have lost 5 and a half inches off my waist. I have no scale but last doctor visit I was down 20 lbs and people who see me weekly ask me how much more I have lost. I don't know....will go by getting back into jeans I can't wear LOL Eating right and exercise and my METFORMIN.........what a change in my life in such a short time :-)"